Brilliant hack: Eye-Fi standalone uploads

Hack-a-day contributor Jeff Tchang has figured out how to get the Eye-Fi cards working on ad-hoc networks. All you need now is the card, a computer, and you're smokin'.
So I spent some time over my vacation learning a bit more about Python. What better way to learn a language than to implement something you want or need, right? I am releasing a standalone Eye-Fi server written in Python. Basically I saw Dave Hansen's post ( and went ahead and did it.
Normally, Eye-Fi's WiFi-enabled SD cards expect to be on a normal network, with a router, a IP address, and internet access to Eye-Fi's servers. Standalon Server [Return Boolean True at Hack a day]

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5 Responses to Brilliant hack: Eye-Fi standalone uploads

  1. OM says:

    …Kids/Hackers/Linux Geeks, I have a question: just exactly what sort of purpose could a hacked device like this serve?

  2. John Bauer says:

    AdHoc connection to iPhone which then uploads photos wherever.

  3. sidgabriel says:


    If you come to my dev group I can show you what this opens up. If you look closely you can probably figure out what it means just by looking at my group. But I can’t really say in public yet.

  4. w000t says:

    He’s added a 2.0 update:

    Now works on non-Windows systems, too.

  5. Cedrick says:

    Does anyone have a way to configure the Eye Fi card without using the Eye Fi manager software?

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