Eye Vibrato melts eye strain away, probably not literally

The "Eye Vibrato" not only gently churns your vitreous humor into a milky but relaxing froth, it also blows light air pressure on the surface of the eye to create a thin candy shell. Serve at body temperature—or on those chilly days, heat with the Eye Vibrato's built-in warmer. $64 in Japan, where the snakeoil comes injection molded. (Thanks, Amy!)
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3 Responses to Eye Vibrato melts eye strain away, probably not literally

  1. OM says:

    …Funny. ISTR studies that showed that continued exposure to such vibrations could increase the chance of developing cataracts and retinal detachment.

  2. dmoisan says:

    Um, the procedure for removing catarcts is to use *ultrasound* to break up the clouded lens. Yes, the probe your eye doctor concentrates the soundwaves in a smaller space.

    But still.

    Retinal surgeons do have to remove the vitreous jello in your eye with tools; ultrasound would be easier except it has a tendency to rip your retinal tissue to little pieces while it does the same to your vitreous. (Shrinking vitreous causes detachments. Truth.)

    Voice of experience, two retinal detachments and two cataract implants later…

  3. overunger says:

    Somehow I think that in a few days, that girl will still be using it– but not on her eyes.

    >rimshot< wackity-shmakity-dooooooo

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