Lenovo Pocket Yoga not a real device. Boo!

From Lenovo Blogs:
Last week some buzz was created by a photograph that someone snuck out of our Beijing design studio. The picture was of a pocket-sized PC we developed about two years ago, well before the current netbook craze and the introduction of a similar form factor by one of our competitors. Since the design has been shown in public in the past and received some attention, I thought it might be of some interest to discuss the design inspiration and share some photos and drawings of the device.
“Pocket Yoga” Concept [Thanks, Stumo!] Previously: Lenovo Pocket Yoga

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6 Responses to Lenovo Pocket Yoga not a real device. Boo!

  1. zoink says:

    I’m so sad when a concept like this is released, because I have to assume it means that it will never be made.

    Also, if you were a honcho at Lenovo, and you saw this concept, would you say a) “Let’s sit on this for a couple of years before showing everyone how much less exciting our real products are than our imaginary ones,” or b) “This mockup does not leave my office until I announce it as a real product. You have 12 months. Go.”

  2. Narual says:

    Reminds me of my boss’ old HP Jornada:


  3. Tommy says:

    Reminds me of my Poqet PC.

  4. artbot says:

    You win again, internets!

  5. Marcel says:

    All your design are belong to us!

  6. cinemajay says:

    So Lenovo was ahead of the game but sat on this until they were dead last? Niiiiiice.

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