Review: An hour with the Acoustibuds

Acoustibuds are little rubber things that one wraps around standard earbuds to make them more comfortable. A series of concentric fins means they snuggle nicely in your ears: great for joggers or anyone else fond of the form, but not the feeling, of buds. They cost $15 a pack, and for that, you get two pairs in two sizes. The downside is somewhat obvious: by putting 1/2" rubber tubes between your ears and the buds, the audio is just a smidge off. This is marketed as an improvement in quality by Acoustibuds, and it does beef up the perceived quality of cheap, tinny buds. Remember, kids, you can't magically recreate data that's already gone, you can just polish it up so it doesn't sound so bad. On decent ones it makes it a little more muffled, a little distant, but really, if you're using earbuds, you're not going to be that bothered. Buy them for comfort, if you buy them at all. For basic iPod pairs, I can't decide if I like it more: the feel is nice, but I think it might be less danceable. Product Page [Acoustibuds] Buy [Amazon]

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10 Responses to Review: An hour with the Acoustibuds

  1. claud9999 says:

    a friend constantly replaces his Apple bluetooth headset pads and occasionally his headset ’cause he loses the pads and wears the rubbery ring on the set…This seems like a nice solution for him, he doesn’t need high-quality sound, just reliable pads for his headset…

  2. kaiza says:

    I like the idea, but do the earbuds still sit within your ear or outside of it? I can’t wear earbuds because after a while the hard forms cause real pain in my ears.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    These basically mean the buds are outside the ear. I didn’t really measure anything, but it rather feels like it’s wedging securely quite far out of the canal.

  4. Daemon says:

    Too bad I’ve never had a pair of earbuds last longer than a couple months. Their wiring seems to be universally weak.

  5. Zan says:

    @PONCHYAN: Yup, the Sony MDR-EX71SL (and the slightly less accessorized MDR-EX51LP) can be found for around $30, and have some of the best bass response of any earbuds I’ve ever used.

  6. Tenn says:

    Gross, something tells me that those get some awful buildup. Or does the accordion not enter your ear?

  7. airship says:

    Do these screw in?

  8. Ponchyan says:

    Just buy the kind of ear buds that slip inside your ear canals. They are more comfortable, provide better sound, and are less likely to fall out. The Sony MDR-EX70LP is just one example.

  9. nmeyer79 says:

    Loved the “danceable” reference!

  10. usonia says:

    If you want danceable, try better wires.

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