Elecom Scope Node, a mouse fit for Solid Snake

By moving the laser sensor between the thumb and forefinger, Japanese manufacturer Elecom can claim its new "Scope Node" mouse has the precision of a pen. I couldn't care less—I just think it looks really badass, designed with the clinical asymmetry that the Japanese do so well. It'll sell for around $65, but getting it in North America might be a challenge until importers like Audiocubes bring it over. [via Technabob]
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6 Responses to Elecom Scope Node, a mouse fit for Solid Snake

  1. FnordX says:

    Looks a lot like the M-MAPP1SM that they had Shirow Masamune design.


    I have one of the M-MAPP1SMWH mice, and, despite it being kind of small, it fits really well in my hand, but it was obviously designed for tiny Japanese hands, and not the monster American hands I seem to have.

  2. Category says:


    Wireless? WIRELESS?!?!?! BLASPHEMY!!!

    A mouse like this is CLEARLY a gamers friend, and gamers can’t trust wireless – especially not in LAN party settings (by God, the interference!!!)

  3. mdh says:

    Very Borg. Clearly this mouse has been assimilated.

  4. Javier Candeira says:

    Something seems wrong to me on that mouse: my middle finger is longer than my index, but here the buttons’ lenghts are reversed.

    I hope they are roomy enough to fit the guts of an ultramouse. I, for one would pay the Ghost In The Shell Mouse Overlords premium.

  5. NeverEnoughToys says:

    Make it wireless and I’m with you on the looks. I’d even pre-order it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I much prefer wireless mice to tethered ones. Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0’s have been the most reliable mice I’ve ever used. Granted I don’t do LAN parties, but there are a lot of wireless mice where I work.

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