Fujitsu Flepia is slow, expensive, but heralds a color e-paper age

Fujitsu is set to sell its own Kindle-like e-book reader in Japan, with one critical difference from Amazon's offering: the new heart of the new Flepia reader is an 8-inch, 1,024 by 768 pixel touch color. Pretty pennies must be shined: it costs $1,000, or the price of an industrial newspaper press in five years. Consider a Flepia when doing your Christmas shopping for me. And my birthday is just 11 months away! Don't expect this in the Kindle 3 just yet, as the technology needs time to mature: a three-pass screen refresh necessary to rebuild a full 260k color page takes eight seconds. (Even a 64-color image takes almost two.) But it's out of the labs and into a product, which is a huge step towards ubiquity.
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6 Responses to Fujitsu Flepia is slow, expensive, but heralds a color e-paper age

  1. PaulR says:

    mkultra @ 2:
    “Bump the resolution to 300dpi”

    Um, not necessary. Really. At 150dpi, even small text is quite legible.

    As far as weight and size: If it’s smaller and lighter than a book, you’re already ahead, no?

    And if you can FINALLY read all those articles you keep downloading off the ‘Net, you’re ahead too, no? (That’s why I got one..)

  2. devophill says:

    @OM- You’re looking for a good mobile .cbr reader, too? ‘Cause man, I sure am. Hey, does anyone know of a good hackable digital picture frame?

  3. dargaud says:

    I want one, I want one… But on the gizmodo site it says they’ll cost $12,685 and $21,137. Huh? Is that Japanese dollars ? C;-)

  4. mkultra says:

    1. Bump the resolution to 300dpi, 2560×1600 say, and manage a <1 sec refresh time.

    2. Put it in a package with a battery life measured in days, and a weight measured in ounces.

    3. Give it a proper multi-touch screen, and almost no bezel.

    4. Get the price under $500.

    5. Make sure it reads proper PDFs, at the very least.

    6. ????


    Hell, I work for a small dead-tree publisher, and even I would switch everything we do, if this had an installed base. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be dead-tree books, but eventually they will be relegated to the confines of the elderly, the technophobic and the obsessed.

    I read John Scalzi’s “Agent To The Stars” yesterday through Stanza on my iPhone. It was fantastic, and the first fiction eBook I’ve ever read. I am a convert, and I’m saying this as someone with close to a thousand linear feet of books in my home.

  5. yri says:

    I’m waiting for e-paper to be, well, like a sheet of paper. Is that asking too much?

  6. OM says:

    “Pretty pennies must be shined: it costs $1,000, or the price of an industrial newspaper press in five years.”

    …Or the price of a single issue of a comic book, if the publishers continue to have their way with the Drug Pusher Economics model.

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