This is a video of a girl in a NES controller bikini

Francesco writes:
Amano Ai is a super geek Japanese idol well know in the otaku underground as a photographer (under the name JULIE she published the photobook SAMURAI GIRLS and made some photoshootings with DANNY CHOO). Recently she made an idol video with a 8 bit Nintendo game style bikini! Retrogames + sexy idol = 100% success!
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21 Responses to This is a video of a girl in a NES controller bikini

  1. technogeek says:

    #4, #10: Remember that the “Lolita” style (dressing/roleplaying as schoolgirl, sometimes but not necessarily with innuendo) has become something of a tradition in Japan. This is an example of that style/fantasy.

    Even when suggestive or more, as long as it is adults playing games I consider it mostly harmless.

    (The only reason I hesitate slightly is the slight question of whether kids too young to realize that it is adult play emulate it and get reactions they can’t handle and/or later regret. But the answer may be more to explain the risks than to ignore it and hope it goes away.)

  2. overunger says:

    uh, you can – y’know , post more of these – as many as you like. Really.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Alternate link, YouTube seems to have removed the original video:

  4. xzzy says:

    up, up, down, down, left, right, b, a

    That’s what I’d do.

  5. technogeek says:

    Obvious comments about pushing people’s buttons…

  6. bbonyx says:

    As one who suffers from (and makes no apologies for) “the fever”. This is the best thing I’ve seen all week… well, 3rd best.

  7. Francesco Fondi says:

    @ #20 Thank you very much for linking to my blog!

    The direct link to the video is:

    (but to watch it you need to be logged in)

  8. GregLondon says:

    So, in order to maintain gender equality, will BB be posting a video of Bob and his Atari 2600 joystick speedo?

  9. tuckels says:

    Too much attention paid to the model and not enough to the actual bikini. Can’t you see I don’t care About attractive women when there’s nerdy swimwear to be discussed?

  10. nehpetsE says:

    13? maybe 14?

  11. rak0ribz says:

    @4: Nah, the NES is just shy of 25, if Wikipedia is to be believed.

  12. Francesco Fondi says:

    You mean:

    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A ?

  13. nutbastard says:

    god damn japanese chicks are gorgeous.

    can you really blame all the japanese lolicons when their 23 year olds look 16?

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Excuse me, you’re scantly clad and have nothing to do with the narrative.
    Therefore, that’s sexist. Sorry.

    Man, that hurt…”

  15. DeWynken says:

    power up!

  16. strider_mt2k says:

    Chest, er cheat code!

  17. nehpetsE says:

    the only way i can ever accurately guess how old anyone is is to count the wrinkles on their elbows.

  18. joflow says:

    An “idol video”? That’s like, a real thing, that we’re taking seriously now and acting like grown-ups say that?

  19. Jarvik7 says:

    #4: She is 22 (23 in June) according to Wikipedia…

  20. GregLondon says:

    Well, I did find this. It doesn’t have a joystick, but it was created with Spore, so it’s still techie.

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