Samsung NC310 netbook claims 11-hour battery life; NC110 proves 7 hours.

Samsgung's NC10 was king of netbook battery life, but is starting to look long in the tooth. A follow-up, the NC310, does not plan to disappoint. Eleven hours is the claim: good enough to get a day of work with the 3G modem or WiFi on without dimming the 10" display too much. [Akihabara News] It only has a gig of RAM, as per Microsoft's licensing requirements for XP, but there's no word on CPU. I should hope that all those extra electrons affords us the better, newer Atoms. Now, that's a foreign model: it's a sibling to the NC110, reviewed by Laptop Mag today, which has exactly alike specifications but a slimmer, plainer design. Joanna Stern rates the battery as hitting 7 hours under usable conditions. [Laptop Mag]

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5 Responses to Samsung NC310 netbook claims 11-hour battery life; NC110 proves 7 hours.

  1. BrokenRobot says:

    I want one! Something about that matte surface with the big embossed logo…

  2. Simeon says:

    This is the first netbook review I’ve allowed myself to read since I bit the bullet and got a NC10 a couple of weeks ago.

    Although I’m happy with it the grumbles are:

    – That trackpad is tiny. I’d like a USB scroll wheel (or for embedded flash not to screw with keyboard scrolling). Or an aftermarket touch screen.

    – The 600px vertical resolution takes some getting used to. Using tips to maximize screen estate in firefox helps a lot, but I’ve got this thing where going fullscreen leaves a dead area the size of XP’s menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

    – The battery life really is great. However it currently seems unsure whether it’s on battery power or not, resulting in it using “plugged-in” power management when it is on battery. I’ve had a similar thing on another XP laptop.

    So I guess most of the suck is down to XP. If this new model had the extra pixels and was 10mm less wide (so it would slip in my jacket pocket) I’d be annoyed. As it is I’m still happy, just need bigger pockets.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW. 11-hr of battery life?! Cool. This laptop will be really useful when there are no plug ins available.

  4. TedJohnson says:

    @1 If there’s such a thing as smile porn–and there probably is–she’d be star.

  5. HeatherB says:

    If she smiles anymore about holding that laptop her face will fall off.

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