Peek Pronto adds push email and unlimited messaging

Peek Pronto is the follow-up to last year's best new single-purpose gadget. Just $80 without a contract (with a $20 monthly data plan) the new edition has push email on up to 5 accounts, unlimited text messaging, MS Exchange compatibility, a PDF and DOC file viewer, and more font options. The latest version of the operating system, Peek claims, is 50 percent faster than the original. These upgrades directly address each and every flaw in the original Peek. Peek Pronto is exclusively at Amazon until March 31., at GetPeek from April 1., and at Radioshack from April 8.

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21 Responses to Peek Pronto adds push email and unlimited messaging

  1. Rob Beschizza says:

    There was, at Costco. No word on anything for this one yet.

  2. epoger says:

    I would buy one in a heartbeat if it supported Google calendar integration. I think that is the #1 reason I have a smart phone with data plan.

    Is anyone aware of a cheap and nifty way to have Google Calendar in my pocket?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really think that the hearing-impaired market is going to explode with these things.

    The deaf community loves the blackberry. They are accessible and allow quick communication to anyone with a cell phone or email address. The great thing about THESE is the contractless (and reasonable) price and low-cost monthly plan.

    (My ReCAPTCHA says “Liver per.” I think that’s about right.)

  4. Duffong says:

    Just got the old one. I like it. Though it is a bit slow.

  5. zikman says:

    definitely copping one of these soon

  6. therevengor says:

    That’s a really big pager.

  7. scaught says:

    Who is buying these? I guess a purpose built gadget is attractive, and they’re certainly getting good reviews, but the base functionality is already in most phones (iphone, blackberry, etc). Who wants to carry around more shit?

  8. bardfinn says:

    scaught: An iPhone is expensive. A Peek isn’t. Not everyone needs – or wants – to talk to people using mouths and ears.

    I wanted a Peek for Christmas and was told to wait. I am glad I have, now.

  9. shanealeslie says:

    Want, but not available in Canada yet damnit!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Does the Pronto allow short code texting, i.e. for Twitter? (The original doesn’t, and Amazon doesn’t say.)

  11. The Lizardman says:

    Found this costco listing for the lifetime option (already had unlimited messaging included):

    Going to have to consider going phone-less again

  12. BCJ says:

    I also want one of these. I am perfectly happy with my dumb phone, but would love to have a full keypad for texting as well as email access and internet access (which I realize the Peek doesn’t have…yet. All I want is to be able to check Twitter, and some key websites, not watch youtube or anything fancy/flashy).

    I would save a lot of money vs buying an expensive new phone and data plan. Now all I have to do is wait for them to bring it to Canada.

  13. scaught says:

    $20 a month is certainly appealing. The IT team usage instead of a pager is nice to.

    Points well made all, but I’m still sticking with my iphone :p

  14. sworm says:

    I’m in the EU, but I really WANT!


    I refuse to buy an overpriced brick with a crap camera, lots of functions I’ll never use and no battery life. That’s why I don’t buy a smartphone. On my cellphone I can: text, phone, soduku. I can also drop it without having to worry. I can leave it on a table without worrying someone will steal it.

  15. Halloween Jack says:

    Wake me up when it gets Bejeweled.

  16. roboton says:

    What do you use it for?

    Replace on-call pagers. Blackberries are too expensive and dear for an on-the-go IT team, and pagers are cheap and sturdy, so IT teams use pagers.

    I hope to be getting one soon….

  17. Rob Beschizza says:

    Peek is also good for people who just don’t want to have to spend $60+ a month to get the unlimited data plan.

    Bottom line: unlimited data, but no web, for $20 a month.

  18. cha0tic says:

    @EPOGER if you’ve got a Symbian 60 phone there is an app’ called CalSync60 that will get Google calender on your phone & your phone calender to Google Calender.

    Hmm, DOC viewer & Pdf (spits) viewer. It’s an E-Book reader.

  19. devophill says:

    .pdf viwer? A bigger screen and it’ll be my mobile comicbook reader…

  20. kerry says:

    I’d imagine many hearing-impaired people would jump on this device, especially now that it’s got unlimited texting on top of the email. Also, folks who have a crappy little free-with-contract phone for talking but have text-heavy lives benefit from something like this. I could see getting one for my mom, actually.

  21. The Lizardman says:

    Wasn’t there a one time lifetime charge instead of a monthly contract on the original – will that still be available?

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