This may or may not be the upcomign Tesla S interior, but check out the size of that navigation screen

The Telsa S sedan is being shown off soon enough, but these are rumored to be leaked images (that'll be confirmed later today). I probably shouldn't traffic in leaks, but I think it's sort of interesting, not just for the gigantor LCD screen in the console, but for the car itself—this is going to be the car that makes or breaks Tesla Motors.
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9 Responses to This may or may not be the upcomign Tesla S interior, but check out the size of that navigation screen

  1. wrybread says:

    I don’t see the curved edges of the screen as being any problem. Obviously (one hopes) the designers of the UI will take these covered corners into account and simply not use that space. And I think the curved corners and unusual screen orientation (vertical) give it a nice un-computery look.

    And of course its trivial to make it dimmable based on both ambient light and via a separate dimmer knob. Hopefully one doesn’t have to open a software control panel to dim it.

  2. wrybread says:

    @6: haven’t you heard? We’re supposed to drop our old antiquated newspaper-influenced standards. Its a blog blog blog world now.

    Ok I admit, that sounded bitter. But I will miss The San Francisco Chronicle if and when it goes under.

  3. colonel gentleman says:

    A BBG post above this comments on the terrible English in a Best Buy flier, yet the misspelling in this post’s title has not been corrected after several hours…

  4. morcheeba says:

    That’ll be awesome for driving at night!

  5. Scuba SM says:

    That’ll screw up your night vision big time, unless you can dim it. The corners of that screen look like they’re going to be blocked by the curves of the console, which seems like a bit of a waste (and a usability issue, I think….). The instrument cluster looks pretty interesting as well… The central console/hump material is interesting. The matte black (suede? microfiber?) with contrasting white stitching looks too nice to be camoflauge or protection, but the D ring, flap, and lack of cupholders makes it seem out of place. Of course, the same material seems to go from the foot well, up around the LCD screen and around the instrument cluster. Interesting indeed.

    Of course, if this turns out not to be the interior of the Tesla S, then what else could they be from?

  6. dculberson says:

    I think the “D ring” is a recessed handle for a flip-up lid of some sort. You can just barely see a seam in the suede a couple inches ahead of it.

    As far as the corners being covered, I bet they could do a UI layout that didn’t use the parts of the screen that the driver can’t see. Or at least don’t contain useful information / controls. It’s probably a lot cheaper than making a custom curved LCD screen! I hope it looks more finished when trimmed out, though.

    It’s really a neat idea. I don’t know about the “able to change a setting without taking your eyes off the road”-ability though.

  7. sworm says:

    THese things are easily dimmable.

    My 2004 jag dims the screen according to ambient light. SO, yesterdays technology.

    I do hope they don’t go down the 100% touch screen route. It might look pretty, but buttons are easier.

  8. DSMVWL THS says:

    Is that a BSOD? Tell me their car does not run Windows.

    I generally prefer tactile controls in this setting.

  9. technogeek says:

    Comparing the angles of that screen’s edges to the apparent angle of the console… I’m not convinced this isn’t a paste-up.

    (Of course it’s traditional to paste images into publicity photos of displays; makes lighting the shoot MUCH easier. So I’m not sure I’d fault them if it’s ‘shopped; sometimes that’s the best way to get a realistic picture.)

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