Guess what the Big Ass Fans corporation manufactures?

Their customer service line is closed for the day so I can't figure out how much these cost, but unless you're building a warehouse, shopping mall, or post-Final Fantasy IX airship, you probably don't need to purchase one of these high-volume, low RPM Big Ass Fans. It's hard to hate any company that features a braying ass in a press hat to draw attention to their PR kit. [via Uncrate]
Update: Reader Andy Nonymous's cameraphone shot of a BAF is fetching.
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29 Responses to Guess what the Big Ass Fans corporation manufactures?

  1. morehumanthanhuman says:

    I’ve actually seen one of these in a Walmart. Yeah that’s right in a Walmart, not for sale, but built into the ceiling in the outdoor area.

  2. elisd says:

    I briefly went to a gym that had one of these. When I signed up the desk agent showed me around. “And this,” she said, “is our big-ass fan.”
    “Why yes. It certainly is,” I replied, not seeing the label. “Huge.”

  3. arikol says:


    This will be THE thing in the post-apocalyptic future we are all waiting for.
    Blade Runner, here I come!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Farmtek carries a similar product, w/ up to a 24 foot diameter

    ( I don’t work for Farmtek, just think they’re cool)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Big Ass Fan headquarters is a brick building with an enormous donkey on the side. It is AMAZING.

  6. rschndr says:

    I thought that this would be like that big ass pinata on Family Guy once. But no, it’s not. Not really. Well, but sort of.

  7. roboton says:

    We have these in the lobby where I work.

    They are nice…very nice. (to be read to yourself in Borat’s voice)

  8. flytch says:

    Ada Oklahoma… the local stake house has one over it’s bar… fills the whole room, wall to wall… makes the space seem more interesting…

  9. Anonymous says:

    once you’re aware of them, you’ll see them everywhere…i’ve seen them in four or five states now, and counting – everything from warehouses converted into dining and shops to music venues.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (“The Swamp”) where the UF Gators play has Big Ass Fans installed in the interior.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How much do these fans cost?

  12. pork musket says:

    I want one powered by a wind turbine

  13. dole says:

    Driving by the Big Ass Fans billboard in my city (St. Louis, westbound on 64/40 past Scottrade Center
    towards the currently closed portion) is always good for a chuckle.

  14. Dillenger69 says:

    Big-ass Fans?
    Big Ass-fans?

  15. Oren Beck says:

    Such fans, if applied with some care can be very energy effective. That heat being up near the top of a room does you no good in winter. And in summer pulling cold air up from the floor by helping room circulation is another good thing. Also the air mixing prevents “dead air pockets” of undiluted indoor air pollutions. One such example being indoor smokers where still permitted, and another being the ozone from laser print/copy devices. Diluted to lower per unit area levels most indoor air quality affecting stuff becomes “less of an issue.” And big fans are a cheap mitigation tool.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the kind words about Big Ass Fans everyone! Nice post, Joel. Hopefully you got in touch with someone in our sales department.

    While our fans work well in airplane hangars and warehouses, as ArchiTexas and others have noted, we also offer fans for commercial and residential spaces. You can find out more about all of our fans at our website, where you can also get more specifics about our fans’ energy saving possibilities.

    Big Ass Fans

  17. Scrap says:

    The Mascot is a donkey, i have a rubber one. I’ll post pictures later

  18. dragondm says:

    Heh, the internet hosting company I work for has one of these in the company headquarters (a converted shopping mall). It’s about 20′ in diameter and circulates the air between two floors of some office space that was once a bigbox store, seriously helping with the cooling costs, etc. The HQ conversion got a bunch of green energy-saver certifications for stuff like this.

  19. ScottMcG says:

    The Curacao airport has these – I saw the label when I looked up and thought it was great. Awesome fans…they look very impressive in motion.

    I can’t quite justify one at the house, but maybe I’ll build one day…

  20. LarryD says:

    Our local TaeKwonDo school has one of these… it moves a lot of air at a lower speed and only requires the single fan. Incidentally, they’ve put duct tape over the Ass so it’s just a Big *** Fan now. :)

  21. w000t says:

    The Georgia Theatre in Athens, Ga now has a seriously enormous fan. I’m just guessing, but I’d say it’s almost 25ft in diameter. It’s simultaneously very cool and a little bit frightening even far overhead.

  22. Architexas says:

    I’ve seen a couple of them used in private residences (wastefully large McMansions, unfortunately). They’re great for sheltered “outdoor entertaining spaces” because they lower the apparent air temperature (vs. actual temperature) by a few degrees, which is nice in sweltering Texas :)

  23. alowishus says:

    Joel, you prolly just boosted BAF sales by a few percentage points. I’d ask for commission. Or a free BAF of your own . . . think of the possibilities!

  24. bkofford says:

    These things are neat, until you have to go into a warehouse and install a bunch of access points in a ceiling full of them. Even when you aren’t running the network cable near enough to them to justify turning them off, they’re still extremely freaky when you are 30 ft up in a moving scissors lift, and the blades are silently sidling by.

    Have you ever been sitting at a stoplight, and the cars on either side of you start to inch forward, and you catch it out of your peripheral vision, and for one split second you think your car is actually rolling backwards and you’re about to hit the car behind you?

    It’s kinda like that, only about 20 times worse, and instead of it lasting a split second, it starts every time you start moving and doesn’t stop until you do.

    There’s just something about the scale of the thing. I don’t mind being a foot or two from one of those normal sized large fans that are ridiculously noisy and spin about 100 miles an hour, but these Big Ass Fans crepe me out even when I’m 10 feet away, possibly because they are so quiet.

  25. absolutetrust says:

    Joel, the Ikea in Portland has a BAF if you want to see one in person. It’s hypnotic.

  26. Marshall says:

    They have these (and what must be scores of them, by the size of the place) at the new McMaster-Carr warehouse/distribution center in LA. Even though that the building is the most ginormous, cavernous space I’ve ever been in, they still look massive in it.

  27. General Specific says:

    I recently moved away from Lexington, KY (where these guys are based) and I used to drive past their building all the time. It’s nice to see them here.

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