Video: Cinema's most dramatic typing scenes

Every time I hit "Save" in Movable Type I pause and mouth "Bingo".
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6 Responses to Video: Cinema's most dramatic typing scenes

  1. Anonymous says:

    dude!!! where’s the movie ‘Hackers’???

  2. sworm says:

    Ditto on hackers.

    One of the only tech movies that inst ridiculously outdated by now

  3. PaulR says:

    Or Myrtle Devenish in Brazil?

    (Oh, I know, not an American film, eh?)

  4. Naganalf says:

    Compiled by someone who’s never seen All the President’s Men.

  5. Shelby Davis says:

    Naked Lunch? Or is typing now considered an activity performed exclusively on computers?

  6. Anonymous says:

    So many movies left out – this should have been a 3 minute clip. Jurassic Park? hello!

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