Welcome to LEGO. These are your business cards.

From the Guardian's nice (if short) 10-image photo gallery, the news that LEGO employees get their business cards printed on minifigs. Want. This.
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14 Responses to Welcome to LEGO. These are your business cards.

  1. J France says:

    Not just any minifig… minifigs modelled after you.

    The nerdometre is reading “need”, not “want”.

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    You know, though, that if you went to a business conference and picked up a couple dozen of these, the bloom would be off the rose pretty quick. Alternatively, imagine someone who gave you one stopping by your cubicle and finding out that you, ah, put their doppelganger in an interesting, if not compromising, position during a dull moment.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Do these come in a box of 500?


  4. Quiet Noises says:

    Dan Ballau’s got some pretty nifty business cards too. Check it:


  5. nnguyen says:

    Someone less lazy than me should try and figure out how much it would cost to create these yourself…

  6. caipirina says:

    I was wondering too how many each employee becomes .. and how quickly we will find those on ebay

  7. haineux says:

    Lego Salvador Dalì and his lobsterphone.


  8. SuperMario__Galaxy says:

    Fiona Wright looks hot.

  9. Enochrewt says:

    How does a LEGO employee deal with the complicated business card exchange ritual in Japan with these?

    Still, my current business card has only my Name, phone, email and the caption “Generic Badass”. I’m sure I could work that into a minifig somehow rather spectacularly.

  10. winkybb says:

    The photograph of the production line (Image 2) in that gallery is very cool.

    Fiona does indeed look hot.

  11. octopussoup says:

    I wish I could work at Lego.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Very very cool and extremely desirable; but (ah, there’s always a ‘but’) it must be a bit of a bugger carrying a bunch of ‘em around in your pocket; to hand out at, for example, a conference?

    Just a thought (and perhaps one prompted by sheer envy).

  13. pilcrow says:

    Why do they employ so many asians?

  14. legion says:

    Coolest. Perk. EVER.

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