Blankets with arms reviewed (Verdict: Get the Slanket, if you must)

Jason Chen answers the fundamental question of work-at-home writers everywhere: Which horrible blanket/jacket hybrid—the Snuggie, Slanket, Freedom Blanket, Blankoat, or reversed houserobe—is truly the best?
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10 Responses to Blankets with arms reviewed (Verdict: Get the Slanket, if you must)

  1. Lonin says:

    Looks like Xzibit to me. I’ll let someone else continue that line of thinking…

  2. The Lizardman says:

    @2 Thats what I think every time I see one the commercials

  3. dculberson says:

    I heard you liked blankets, so…

  4. Drew Blood says:

    I got a fuzzy brown Slanket for Xmas and I thought it was the silliest gift ever.

    But I use it ALL THE TIME. It’s like a robe, but without the drafty frontal areas. I just wish there was a little closure of some kind on the back.

  5. jim says:

    I have a Snuggie. It’s very thin. I like to wear it backwards as a cloak and pretend that I am a wizard! My wife groans and refuses my advances.

  6. jere7my says:

    The Snuggie, to judge by the commercial, is the easiest way to look like a member of a bizarre millennarian cult without actually joining one.

  7. RedShirt77 says:

    Why not just wear your robe backwards?

  8. Dapremonster says:

    My first thought upon seeing the picture (and not reading the accompanying text)was, “Why is Gilbert Gottfried covered in blankets?”

  9. Anonymous says:

    plans for these things are available on the internet and my sister said it took her longer to get out her sewing machine from the closet than it did to make one:

    3 yards of polar fleece, 60in wide

    Cut a 24in x 60in piece off the bottom. Cut this into two 24×30 pieces, sew along the long edge to make a tube.

    Fold the big piece in half to create a 84×30 rectangle. From the fold, draw a 9×6 oval 12″ from the fold and from the top. Cut out the oval from both pieces.

    Now sew the tubes to the oval holes.

    Decorate according to taste..

  10. GeekMan says:

    As an e-mail administrator, I urge you to never buy the Snuggie or the Shamwow. They are both notorious spammers. Just sayin’.

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