Gallery of vintage transistor radios

Got a few hours to kill? While your time in the Flickr stream of Transistor Radios, a vintage electronics collector.
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5 Responses to Gallery of vintage transistor radios

  1. HeatherB says:

    I remember working my butt off to sell enough fundraiser items to get a small transistor radio to listen to at the bus stop. Good times.

  2. blackbrrrd says:

    I thought about getting into collecting these after I found one el-cheap-o at a local thrift store. Doing a little research on eBay and the like, I realized there are hundreds, nay thousands, of different ones of these – some cool, some trash. It’s an expensive hobby. I just plugged a 9v into the one I have and ported it to an old pair of computer speakers – Voila, instant tunes for my shop!

  3. Awemaker says:

    Behold the origin of the iPod.

  4. Trent Hawkins says:

    Damn those are sexy. They need to bring back that green colour:
    Preferably with a thin coating of cigarette tar for authenticity.

  5. mudpup says:

    1520 ……
    She loves you ya ya She loves ya ya.
    Drove my Mother nuts.

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