Data Dump: Japanese toilet outputs statistics via RSS

Japanese toilet manufacturer Inax has begun soft launching a toilet in shopping centers that will analyze stool for bacteria counts, blood, fat content, and more, then beam the results to the web with a unique URL for later viewing. If I'm parsing this correctly, you can also subscribe to an RSS feed for a particular toilet, making it possible to see how the neighbors are doing. [Digital World Tokyo via CrunchGear]
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10 Responses to Data Dump: Japanese toilet outputs statistics via RSS

  1. BCJ says:

    This thing brings the idea of “Twitter Shitter” to a whole other level.

  2. swedub says:

    Does that sign mean your suppose to flip off the screen?


    I’m going to stop reading posts with the name Japan in the title. They make me feel like I live in some kind of 3rd world backwater where the toilets just rinse stuff away and robots don’t have mind control interfaces.


    Wait. April 1. DAMMIT!

  5. Joel Johnson says:

    Ross, for what it’s worth, I’m trying very hard not to post anything that isn’t a real news story today. I can’t vouch for everything, obviously, but I think this is true.

  6. Yep says:

    “…making it possible to see how the neighbors are doing.” dooing.


  7. Epimenides says:

    It’s definitely a Fool, and a pretty decent effort at that. There’s no way on earth this wondrous device could ever exist………

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am from Japan and I’ve heard of this on the news before. Japan is super advanced when it comes to toilets with sensors, automatic flushing, flushing sounds, etc

    anyways, definitely not an april fools… Japanese are just serious especially when it comes to the toilet business!

  9. gouldina says:

    That toilet appears to be giving us the finger.

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