Is that an Exidy Sorcerer or are you just pleased to see me?

Updated! Thanks, Urbear! Retro Computing [SA_Steve's flickr via Digg]

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15 Responses to Is that an Exidy Sorcerer or are you just pleased to see me?

  1. bat21 says:

    I have that tape recorder.

    … and the clogs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is that a Decker?

  3. DeWynken says:

    Bro is sportin some badass boots.

  4. nehpetsE says:

    I had that pair of boots when i was a teen. bought out of deadstock for a dollar. They were probably close to the same age as me.

    As i recall the brand name was “Snoot Boots”

  5. HeatherB says:

    I just saw her skirt at Target.

  6. Rotwang says:

    The meaning of “Portable” has changed significantly over the years…

  7. UrBear says:

    It’s an Exidy Sorcerer. I used to sell them at the computer store I worked at circa 1980. Yes, I’m old.

  8. GPBurdell93 says:

    Ha! My dad bought one of those. I wasn’t even 10 yet, but we did load some fun games off the cassettes. I liked Pie Lob.

  9. Rob Beschizza says:

    Commenting on a pre-upgrade post

  10. Nelson.C says:

    Wow, do you see the size of that girl’s MPEG player?

  11. Jonathan Harford says:

    I have fond memories of playing Voodoo Castle on my family’s Exidy Sorcerer as a child.

  12. annoyingmouse says:

    It is, of course, a science fiction photograph. The caption probably read “In the 21st Century, this will be retro and will get you boys/girls”

    Just think, we’ll probably see pictures in 30 years time of a girl with her ipod and a boy with his laptop and go “Awww”. Of course, by then the kids in this pic will be so retro that they’ll be treated as gods by the kids in their flying cars.

  13. Wordguy says:

    I didn’t know John Kerry wore cowboy boots.

  14. tw15 says:

    His shoes need polishing.

  15. CliffLandin says:

    I like the vest with pocket protector. Sweet!

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