Dork Yearbook

Mr. Bill was both a computer camp attendee and young mechanic.
Despite being disfigured in a horrible book explosion, ckindel still looked stylish in the Webb Computer Lab.
Derek K. Miller has a picture so geeky he even wrote an index of each increasingly dork feature, including his Computer Faire name badge.
As a child, J Carter had never heard of ergonomics.
Bigspum got to play games in the UCLA Machine Room in 1971.
These boys got busted wardialing. They were sentenced to 12 years in Pizza Delivery Prison, where they caught Hep-C from the Noid.
Woopop used his TURBO 10MHz 8088 to teach his brother the alphabet.
Linnea wins. (Keep 'em coming!) Update: You kept them coming!
Is Jeremy Hietpas "contemplating the crude, flashlight-controlled robot I just built," he muses, "or that horrific sweatshirt I'm wearing? Oh 1987..."
Richard Ragan: "My 15 minutes of fame after my program in Fortran II to write poetry got noticed by the press and was picked up the Washington Post, New York Times, Scientific American and others. "Those old vacuum tube machines and stacks of punched cards were "high tech"."
Katylah proves that the family that dorks together stays together, because no one else will get near them. (BONUS TARDIS)
Blackbearnh was into puffy coats and PDP-8a before they were both appropriated by the hip-hop community. "OS-8 RULZ!" indeed.
Joe is playing with power. And hairgel.
"Working intently on a computer, Ed Knittel studies his program." Thank you, essential yearbook caption writer.
Byron Servies: "During the run of War Games, I was paid by the theater to play video games on an apple ][ in the lobby while people waited to get in to see the show. "The juxtaposition of the theater owner with Ally Sheedy was always disturbing to me."
Phil Gyford used to have hair, until he was scalped by a pre-AC/DC Angus Young.
The Rocketeer invented this: "In 8th Grade, I invented a safety feature for electrical outlets. It uses an attachable magnet that goes on the male plug (and stays on the plug when you unplug the appliance) and a magnetic reed switch inside the electrical outlet. The current doesn't turn on inside the outlet until a magnetic field is present. That keeps kids with forks or knives poking into the outlet from being electrocuted." She went on to invent the chart-topping single, "Heartbreaker".
Laura Tallardy "feels compelled to point out my current occupation is digital illustration." I hope she's learned better cord management.
Brian's contribution isn't at first very dorky, and then you realize he's singing karaoke.
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10 Responses to Dork Yearbook

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh man, this is super-great. I could look at these for hours. I gotta go dig through my own photos…

  2. J France says:

    This makes me sad that I never posed with my Apple ][, or the old Amstrad, as a kid.

    I still have them… but it’s most probably too late and a little sad to pull out my old Cub Scout uniform and reenact the days of typing out pong in BASIC.

  3. Maneki Nico says:

    How is this not a blog yet?

  4. TaraSilverwind says:

    Wow, these are awesome!

  5. grimc says:

    Derek missed an obvious one in his list: The briefcase.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This just goes to show how deeply nerdy hipster style has gotten recently. I looked at Derek and thought: whoa, dude is stylin’. And Linnea definitely wouldn’t stick out in Williamsburg right now…

  7. fataltourist says:

    I’m not sure if I ever stopped using my Amiga 1000 long enough to pose for a photo.

  8. newe1344 says:

    seriously, geek photos are awesome to look at…there needs to be a geek photo blog. Get it started!

  9. dross1260 says:

    I cry my love for Linnea! And yes, briefcase is required.

  10. Anonymous says:

    my real senior yearbook picture was me in ren faire garb with a sword…complete with Shakespeare quote “Well then, the world is my oyster, which I with sword will open” I’m very sad to say that my senior yearbook got lost in a move when I was in the Navy…what’s worse, is that the box contained my first edition AD&D books as well! Anyone out there have a Rogers High School, Newport RI yearbook from 1987 by chance? :)

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