Pogoplug turns USB hard drives into personal miniclouds

Engadget reviews the Pogoplug, a simple box that turns any USB hard drive into a networked device, accessible from even the wild yonder of the internet:
All-in-all, we like the Pogoplug a lot, but we do have a couple of quibbles. Mainly, we wish this were a WiFi enabled device, which would spare some cables and setup pain. Additionally, it would be nice to see a device of this nature with multiple USB ports instead of just the one -- yes, you can attach a hub, but you're already dealing with a mess of lines as it is. Still, for $99, the ability to turn a random drive into not only a network-accessible device, but a remotely-accessible device is huge, and we plan on putting it into heavy rotation around here.
Update: Here's another one, called the SheevaPlug, that isn't out yet. It looks so similar I wonder if it isn't the same basic product being rebadged twice.
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4 Responses to Pogoplug turns USB hard drives into personal miniclouds

  1. lercio says:

    OK the plug form factor is new, but surely devices like the Linksys NSLU2 did this a while ago. It’s not much bigger, and once hacked it’s a fully functional Linux box.

  2. Enochrewt says:

    I just lost a comment about this to the comment/login system, but the upshot is I’ll get one, even if it’s not wireless. How expensive is using Wireless-N in something like this? It’d have to be N otherwise I could see it being a little clunky speed wise with today’s largish file sizes. Maybe it was too expensive to include and still keep the price point under a C-note.

    I wish it came in some other color besides that ugly white though. The thing looks like a reject from the Buck Rogers prop department.

  3. Enochrewt says:

    About the update and the “rebranded” SheevaPlug, it looks worse than the first one. Nothing like showing how off white your case is by applying a whiter label. It instantly reminded me of “The Clapper” I bought in 1987, except rectangular.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok guys, factchecking time,
    ALL of this was announced in january.
    Engaget yet again have proven their inability to actually research, and now so have you.

    First, to the other commenter, quit whining about the case, its not meant to be on show like a desktop or laptop machine, its a network appliance, it sits quietly in a corner doing its job, plus its a reference design.

    The Sheevaplug is the FIRST device like this, it is in fact a reference design/SDK designed and made by Marvell technology group which IS available from a reseller called global scale technologies. The Pogoplug is just a rebrand of the reference design and its software.

    There are a couple more forays into the new ‘plugtop computing’ arena by other companies as well, such as the CTERA networks Cloudplug, some are just more rebrands of the sheevaplug, others are original designs (at least the case, it is possible they use the same internal hardware, details are scant at present).

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