Khan watchers get a surprise screening of Star Trek

At a screening of The Wrath of Khan at the Alamo Drafthouse, Paramount executives switched in a final version of the upcoming Star Trek movie. I am super jealous. Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News was there:
JJ's STAR TREK has a singular purpose at its heart, to reboot the STAR TREK franchise in such a way that you never have to deal with continuity issues... where you can play with these characters without being beholden to everything that came before... but with the spirit and the love for that Universe clearly entrenched in every frame. The actors are not mimicking the originals, necessarily - so much as becoming those characters. This could very well be the most accomplished REBOOT of any major series I've seen. It is confident and sharper than you can imagine.
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7 Responses to Khan watchers get a surprise screening of Star Trek

  1. earbox says:

    I want to know how many people were annoyed that they didn’t get what they came for.

  2. Alan says:

    Oh shit! Man, I so wanted to go with my 14 year old son to see Wrath of Khan, but it went on until midnight, and he had stupid standardized testing today. But to find out it was the new Star Trek is like getting kicked in the balls. Now I have to decide if I should tell him or not.

  3. Jimmy says:

    That was an incredibly moving account from the AICN guy. Joel, thanks for passing it along to us.

  4. scaught says:

    I would be impressed if the “reboot” of star trek surpassed what was done with Batman. I suspect the AICN fellow maybe just likes star trek more?

    That said, I’m interested in seeing this.

  5. Brother Provisional says:

    From what I’ve read on the interwebs, the film was actually finished and ready to go for an opening day on Christmas 08, but the Paramount execs felt that it would sell better as a summer release, so they decided to sit on it for five months.

  6. Agies says:

    @5 The writer’s strike also left gaps in the studio’s release schedule so that was also taken into account. Same reason the latest Harry Potter movie was delayed.

  7. Scuba SM says:

    @ 1 EarBox:

    If they were upset, could you call it “The Wrath of Being Conned?”

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