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Recently on Offworld we took a look at the four indie dev meets studio artist/illustrator games produced for Giant Robot and Attract Mode's Game Over/Continue? show that opened the final day of GDC. The games (above, the collaboration between Hellen Jo and Spelunky creator Derek Yu) made a one-night-only appearance, so if you missed the show, this is one of your best opportunities to take a closer look. We also played Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation, a 5-minute physics enabled journey starring the titular bear driving a sedan into trees and through ponds for some pre-hibernation sustenance (and one of the most charming indie games in recent memory), and took a first look at 8bitar Hero, a multiplayer game that procedurally generates Rock Band patterns from someone playing an emulated NES game, in real-time. Elsewhere we saw a real life Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 3 created with the help of an iPod Touch, saw the results of updating a NES Power Glove with modern day technology, and saw the first screens of the indie-created WiiWare game Super Meat Boy. Finally, we watched a 1993 home video from John Romero showing an early prototype of Doom, a disqualified but still fantastic Assembly 2003 demoscene music video from Melon Dezign, a laser cutter that can play the Super Mario theme, and paged through The Croopier, an experiment in creating timely and newsworthy games in Processing every week.

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