Tomorrow Night in Eugene: The inaugural assembly of the Baker Boulevard Geographic Society

View Larger Map Let's do it. If you'd like to attend, please email me (joel@bb) so I can get a general head count. You will be asked to bring a chair of some sort, as my seating is spotty in the garage. (We can go into the house if we must, of course.) I have emailed Ninkasi to see if they sell kegs. Let's start at 8.
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19 Responses to Tomorrow Night in Eugene: The inaugural assembly of the Baker Boulevard Geographic Society

  1. mrmopwater says:

    ninkasi is hella dank.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good times. Thanks Joel.

  3. thechicgeek says:

    Maybe if I catch a flight from Philadelphia, rent a car and…oh wait. That requires money.

  4. alowishus says:

    Damn! You make me wish I lived in Eugene. Have fun man! Wish I was there.

  5. gabrielm says:

    If I drive down from Portland, can I sleep on your couch?

  6. ZoopyFunk says:

    Ninkasi….(drool flowing rapidly)…Yepper, they got chor kegs alrighty. The owners are super awesome. Stopping by for a visit will get you a nice nice tasting, more often than not.

    You gotta get outta the Uni center and head to south Eugene young man!

  7. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    Damn. I wish I could fly up for this.

  8. apostrophesting says:

    I have a nice size garage in north/central Jersey if anyone wants to do this kind of a thing around here.

  9. SamSam says:

    Someone start one of these in Cambridge/Somerville!!

    (I would, but housing not so good right now…)

  10. apostrophesting says:

    Dur. I forgot to give my email. It’s my name on here at gmail.

  11. Wovixo says:

    To be helpful, I’ve posted your address on, since I know how open to new experiences you are.

    Have a nice evening!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m coming. Might bring a friend or two. We’re super-nerds.

    Is there a dress code? Like, do we need to put on our very best steampunk outfits and utility belts? Or can it be casual since it’s Friday after all?

    If you’re going to acquire the festive hop-flavored beverages, the only interesting object I have to bring is my 50″ diagonal fresnel lens. My wife will be thrilled to have it out of the house :-D

  13. 007ben says:

    Damn I missed it.
    If its on this week I will be there.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How did this go?

  15. obscurica says:

    I can’t believe Google Maps misspelled “Masonic”. Anyways we’re so there. Let the Ninkasi flow!
    Thank you for opening your garage for us.
    What’s the head count so far?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Will there be punch and pie?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I do hope this went well. I used to live in Eugene and Springfield too. Wish I was still there to attend.

  18. Cowtown2 says:

    Have fun, y’all! Don’t get stabbed!

  19. grimc says:

    Fire department and local trauma center have been alerted to be on standby.

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