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Recently on Offworld, One More Go columnist Margaret discusses what Halo has in common with football (the real 'football'), all of which boils down to a single verb, and how the latest DS Picross puzzle game is like sculpting with a hint of witchcraft. We've also seen lots of game/art things: The Insomniac Elf, a new game based on one of James Kochalka's fever-dreams, an incredible explorable "software environment" called The Rotten Fruit Tardis from Flash art master James Paterson, Aaron Meyers' API-created Spore skeletons gone augmented reality, I Am 8-Bit's Berlin exhibition being set up in stop motion, and Giant Robot's Game Over/Continue artwork now online for sale (above). Elsewhere we looked at how Rock Band Unplugged will be the PSP's return of a 'lite' version of Harmonix original Amplitude, the 8-bit dungeon strategy of the PSP's most unwieldily titled game, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?, and watched a reflection on the short and thankless life of Super Mario's mushroom Goombas. Finally, we listened to an official Braid soundtrack, as the Xbox Live favorite gets its long-awaited PC release, saw game covers done in the style of arthouse DVD label Criterion, took a long look at WiiWare's upcoming gorgeous Night Game and at a sublimely bizarre Plants vs Zombies viral, and, best of all, watched a new fan-made short movie that channels World of Goo via the macabre stop-motion vision of animator Jan Švankmajer.

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