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Recently on Offworld we've already played what'll probably be this week's best indie development, Terry Cavanagh & Stephen Lavelle's Judith, a short game of shifting narratives and timelines that peels itself back one layer at a time and gives you subtle clues to your next move with each consecutive shift. If you've only got one hour for an indie game this week, give it to Judith (it even, graciously, comes in Mac and Linux flavors). We also took a look back at the most practical of this GDC's Pecha-Kucha-esque microtalks, with Boom Blox producer Robin Hunicke imagining six easy steps to help fix PlayStation Home, or rather, provide it with more engaging possibilities for play (we concur with all six). Elsewhere we saw excellent custom toy work with a bits and bobs Bioshock Big Daddy doll and hand-sculpted Grim Fandango figurines from Tim Schafer's LucasArts swan song adventure, and fantastic new fineries with the Gaming Revolution T-shirt (above) and the WiiExploded shirt (from the same people behind the exploded Atari 2600 and iPhone). Finally, we saw lush greenery coming to the barren landscape of Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5's versus mode in real life, curious character choices made for the officially licensed Super Mario Bros chessboard, a new album made entirely on handheld synth Korg DS-10, saw Q-games' beautiful Pixeljunk Eden Encore in motion, and, most wonderfully, watched demoscene compo winners RGBA & TBC create gorgeous landscapes in just 4K of code.

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