eBay: Rare "Electronic Train" LEGO set (1968)

You've only got about three hours left to make a bid, but if you've got $1,450 or so you can get a new-in-box LEGO Set #118, the "Electronic Train" from 1968. From the eBay description:
is a train set that includes a locomotive, 'coal car' (which houses the batteries) and a couple pieces of track to display the set. But here's why the set is so special: it is one of the first uses of electronics in Lego toys! There is an electronic 'brick' included in the set (see all pictures), a special whistle that gives off a certain pitch, and a microphone (white block). Once you put three 1.5V 'C' batteries (not included) in the 'coal car' the train is ready to move! One blow on the whistle and the train starts forward AUTOMATICALLY! It will continue to run until you blow the whistle again-then it will stop AUTOMATICALLY! On the third blow it will again resume going forward AUTOMATICALLY!
Two more pictures after the jump.
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5 Responses to eBay: Rare "Electronic Train" LEGO set (1968)

  1. Girl With A One Track Mind says:

    My parents bought one of these, sometime in the mid-70s, for me and my brother to share; I loved it. I can’t believe how much it’s worth now!

  2. TJ S says:

    I believe the proper word here is “nerdgasm”. (I just had one).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have four sets of those right now. I didn’t know they were worth that much. Guess I will ebay them.

  4. Downpressor says:

    I might have had this as a wee lad but I dont remember the microphone.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My older sisters and brother (13-10 years older than I) had this one. They told me about it all te time, an I only half belived them. I stand corrected.

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