Medigenic keyboard for hospitals

The Medigenic infection-control computer keyboards have several neat tricks to prevent them from picking up any viral or bacterial baddies: they whole thing is sealed and can withstand hospital-grade disinfectants; there's a one-key switch that will disable the rest of the keys without forcing you to unplug it, making it possible to give it a quick wipe-down; it even has backlighting under each key. But my favorite feature of the $140 Medigenic? The faux 3D keyboard silk-screened onto the surface. You can pick up an equally crevice-less mouse for $80. [via Oh Gizmo!]
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5 Responses to Medigenic keyboard for hospitals

  1. nightingale says:

    this keyboard seems very cool, I want to have a feel …

  2. nightingale says:

    very cool

  3. Scuba SM says:

    Seems pretty cool, but I wonder how good it is for touch typing, and what the keys feel like when pressed…

  4. hohum says:

    @1 Scuba SM, It’s not what the keys feel like…. It’s what the keys look like they feel like…

  5. SamSam says:

    @BoingBoing: nightingale is astroturfing. Can you remove her links?

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