NYC cops learn a lesson about photography

New York City cops have been informed that photography is "rarely unlawful", reports the Post:
Faced with complaints from photographers and tourists alike, the NYPD has issued a department order reminding cops that the right to take pictures in the Big Apple is as American as apple pie. "Photography and the videotaping of public places, buildings and structures are common activities within New York City . . . and is rarely unlawful," the NYPD operations order begins.
[via Animal] Photo: Pink hats, red shoes
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6 Responses to NYC cops learn a lesson about photography

  1. mccrum says:

    Wouldn’t it have been simpler for them to just list what would be considered unlawful?

  2. evildoug says:

    Yay! I’m going to NY on vacation next week and would be very unhappy if I couldn’t take pictures.

  3. airship says:

    ‘Rarely’ unlawful?!?

    How about ‘NEVER unlawful’?

  4. kerry says:

    I wonder if they’ll remind Chicago cops of that, too. Also, this doesn’t stop private security personnel from getting all snippy about photos. A friend and I were standing outside CTA headquarters in downtown Chicago while he took a photo of something outside the building. Security came out and threatened to take our cameras. We just walked away because, come on. But, still.

  5. Finchypoo says:

    dare I saw….Duh

  6. AndrewJC says:

    @Airship: Photography of certain government properties IS unlawful. Where I live in Connecticut, they build submarines and there are signs all around the property that inform you that you aren’t allowed to shoot photos of the property, even from outside.

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