Deckard's gun. Voight-Kampff manual. Restraining bolt. Control panel. [via MeFi]
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Envious. Very envious.

    Rue Morgue Magazine

  2. owza says:

    LOT #876 – Wake up time to BUY…

  3. Ogus Monk says:

    @ #6 posted by OWZA.

    Kind regards from yours truly,

    Leon Kowalski – A waste disposal engineer.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    As a kid I would put “fake” control panels together to operate starships and the like.

    Putting real ones together for specialized law enforcement vehicles in later life was just as cool because, you know…these DID stuff.

    The only thing that could possibly combine these coolnesses would be building control panels for the motion picture industry.

    One panel I built WAS for a movie company however.
    In the surveillance van scenes of “Analyze This” you can see a red blur from the LEDs from a control panel I built.

    It’s amazing the detail that goes into these props for the very little we often see of them.

    Good stuff!

  5. Anonymous says:

    not a “restraining bolt”, its a “Droid Caller” if you look at pics, you will see that on Han Solo’s pistol belt.

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    #8: Seconded!

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    You know, those stupid restraining bolts probably cause more problems than they solve.

  8. retchdog says:

    Leon’s boxy four-barreled pistol in the beginning of Blade Runner is real. Persephone uses the same gun in the Matrix sequel.

    Apparently the original purpose of it was to be simple enough to secretly manufacture in mass quantity to supply to insurgents, and simple enough to use without training.

    Oh yeah, a strange piece of history related to the VK machine:

    (The similarity ends with the abstract description; there is no material resemblance.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting this. What a hugely lame site that is, though! I wanted to browse around a bit but the page only has a ridiculous JS “history back button”. (people still use those?!?) Playing with the URL params didn’t help, as i only found myself on page 1 of ~200, showing Ava Gardner pics. Then, their main page displays blank. Sad.

  10. FreakCitySF says:

    Lately I’ve on a real world item turned prop fix.

    Deckards gun is a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL rifle receiver and a Charter Arms Bulldog. A .44/.38.

    Droid caller/light sabers were nearly all vintage camera flash handles/bodies.

    back to the future used a Krups coffee grinder, it was also used in the background in Alien.

    I’d love a big ol coffee book with pictures of this kinda thing.

  11. adralien says:


    I worked on props for a while doing electronics for all manner of flashing things… worked on the first season of Eureka, which was pretty fun… there’s a good money shot of the “doomsday” timer I created in one episode.

    The thing that amazed me was that for the most part we were creating things that “worked”… the doomsday timer was a real timer that was fully programmable and preset to match the script. It was a real product that was created in 36 hours from scratch. PCB, hand-made 7 segment displays, PIC code, button interface, housing, bezel etc.

    Amazing what you can do when you forgo sleep!

    Of course the industry is full of (mostly good) weirdos who are super-driven. It’s hard to keep up, but pretty rewarding while you can.

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