Music Video: "In Harmony", Pomplamoose + EHX Voice Box

Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte have done another promo video for the EHX Voice Box, superimposing Nataly's singing over a live shot of the box while someone fiddles with the knobs. Consider it an ad for the Voice Box, but one with a nice song along with it. (I spent a couple hours after Jack and Nataly's first Voice Box video and really enjoyed their work.)
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4 Responses to Music Video: "In Harmony", Pomplamoose + EHX Voice Box

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool voicebox, but spent the day listening to their the band’s youtube channel. Very talented couple.

  2. Dillenger69 says:

    That makes me want one of those. Only $215!

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    What a COOL box!
    When I was active as a singer I really could have used this.

    I liked the music too, so you scored a twofer, BBG!

  4. lightbender says:

    That box is pretty wicked.

    I also just fell in love with her voice.

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