Pornstation Portable

A Tampa mom claims that after buying a "new" PSP at Wal-Mart, her 6 year-old kid found tons of porn on it. From the local Fox affiliate's story:
"I showed it to my mom, and I ran back to my room...she said I'm not in trouble," says Eliso. Tamatha says she found a memory card inside the P.S.P. containing hundreds of pornographic pictures. She says it's not hers and it was in the P.S.P. before she opened the box. Tamatha called the store wanting to speak with a manager about the problem.
It's kind of funny how some commenters on the internet are writing, "This is impossible, unless there was a memory card inside it." Child finds porn on PSP [Fox via The Consumerist]

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10 Responses to Pornstation Portable

  1. guy_jin says:

    I smell finger chilli.

  2. jimkirk says:

    One quick question, what was the creation date stamp on the files? That ought to clear things up a bit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The first question that comes to my mind: What does a 6-year old need a PSP for? He should be out playing with other kids…

    Aside from that the target group of a PSP is definitely not the 6-year olds…

  4. Trent Hawkins says:

    Free Memory card and porn? What they complaining about again?

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is really easy to access the internet on the PSP if you have wireless internet, or your neighbor does. the six year old could of randomly clicked a picture or word, and it spammed all the porn. Prolly not the stores fault and she shouldn’t get her panties in a bunch.

  6. DreadJester says:

    Didn’t this happen years back?? I seem to remember a story similar to this one when the PSP’s first came out.

    My second question is, who buys their 6 year old kid a PSP?? For starters a 6 year old is probably just starting to grasp gameplay and it seems like a rather advanced system for someone who’s just starting to learn what games are all about. Secondly, a PSP is probably not the best system for a 6 year old as half or more of the PSP games are made for a much older audience. The DS has much bigger library of young kid friendly games than the PSP.

  7. bardfinn says:

    I do not believe that I could be civil, had this happened to my family.

  8. Anonymous says:

    they obviously used the Dad’s memory stick which was loaded with the offensive material

  9. Enochrewt says:

    Even if it’s true, good luck proving it.

  10. Alan says:

    I totally believe it. WalMart always repackages returned items and sells them as new, and there are a ton of people out there who buy something, use it over the weekend and then return it as “not what they wanted”. Years ago my wife bought a tv/vcr player, and when we opened it, the batteries for the remote were gone, the tv had a scratch on the side, and there was a candy wrapper in the box. She returned it, saying it was used and she paid for new. Eventually she got a new one, but it never should’ve happened that way.

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