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Today on Offworld, Ragdoll Metaphysics columnist Jim Rossignol takes a deeper look at the recently much-hyped promises of "cloud gaming" services like OnLive and Gaikai -- who suggest that the days of buying powerful home processing hardware are numbered if our games were processed on the cloud and delivered via video streaming -- and a look at what questions and concerns remain when the fantastic claims seem more reasonable in a few years time. We also took a technical look into the five year development of Maxis' Spore via an exhaustive set of "liner notes" written by technology lead Chris Hecker (seen left, his very first created Spore creature) as well as art director Ocean Quigley's own blog, and played Don't Save The Princess, today's best indie PC game. Elsewhere we saw Bill O'Reilly discover the new world of Nintendo via a 1988 broadcast, imagined how Bioshock should have ended, saw a fantastic new LUA hack for Super Mario Bros 3 where all control of the game is given to painted-on rainbow stripes, and ordered a set of ruggish Pac-Man half-sized knuckle dusters. Finally, we played a game where Daft Punk seek their samples stolen by rival electro-duo Justice, pre-ordered adorable official Bubble Bobble shirts and ordered more wearables via the new Edge magazine shop, and, best of all, watched the latest video from pop duo Boy in Static created entirely with TextEdit and ancient .gif clipart -- and then played a game based on the same.

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