Dual touchscreen laptop concept suddenly attractive when you add World of Warcraft

On the Intel/Asus-sponsed WePC.com, Destructoid's Niero Gonzalez had the same thought about dual touchscreen laptops that many of us have, but has made it oh-so-much-more compelling with a mockup of playing World of Warcraft on such a machine. I'm writing pieces on WePC, too, for money. (Here's my latest, asking about gaming on netbooks.) I've been asking if we can get any special access to Asus's engineers so we can actually see if these sort of mockups may actually be produced. God knows Asus isn't afraid of releasing a zillion models with only slight differences in specifications. In fact, it is their upcoming touchscreen netbook that is the first netbook to actually intrigue me in a while, since it brings something new to the table. I know several people have added touchscreens to netbooks with aftermarket kits, but I'd rather see them from the factory. (Aftermarket kits can be "cloudy", although this Dell Mini 9 with a touchscreen, for example, doesn't look too bad.) It's impossible to link to stuff or talk about these companies on these conversational hub sites without it having the stink of the shill, which is why I don't tend to link to the stuff we do on these sites even though they really like us to do so. In this case, I actually just discovered Niero's post when it had a hundred-some-odd comments and thought, What has that crafty bastard done now? Couple that with my unfortunate recent inkling to play WoW again, and it's enough to make me think that I could live without a proper keyboard if it were this were my little dedicated gaming machine. (I wonder how WoW would run on an Open Pandora?)
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14 Responses to Dual touchscreen laptop concept suddenly attractive when you add World of Warcraft

  1. Garr says:

    Aside of this concept, I finally want to see game developers embracing the fact that quite many users are using multiple monitors in some sort of dual view setup.
    I think Gas Powered Games were the first to recently expand on this idea by enabling the second monitor to act like one in Supreme Commander. Sadly, in Demigod they fckd it up all over. My mouse exits the first screen when I reach the edge, kicking me out of the game on every wayward click.

    If the developers don’t pick up on this soon, the idea mentioned above will have zero value to gamers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How MuCh This Thing Going 4 ???

  3. Doylerodello says:

    The concept is nice, but i like my desktop considering i can upgrade it. Here’s the thing, you can buy touch screen moniters by themselves. No one else seeing it? dual moniter some touch screens stacked on each other, the bottom one angled so you don’t wear your arm out and the keyboard under it.
    Keyboards didn’t get replaced for touch screens for a reason (response time, durability, and a actual feel then jsut a sheet of glass) no reason to get rid of it. Use the bottom touch screen to on wow the map, chat, buffs and cast bars. voila :)

  4. bob jones says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for this!

  5. nightingale says:

    I like the touchscreen notebook as I like the touchscreen mobile phone!

  6. nightingale says:

    I like the touchscreen notebook as I like the touchscreen mobile phone!

  7. yasth says:

    Truthfully, I am confused as to why anyone would want a touch screen keyboard. At least not in comparison to a properly sized keyboard.

    I mean I am a very odd person keyboard wise and have been typing this while reading a catalog without looking at either screen nor keyboard. Which I am fairly certain, just won’t be an option with such things. Even for less scary typists than I, I have to wonder what exactly would be the point. I mean most people who are at all skilled with computers don’t ever glance at the keyboard anyways.

    I mean there are certainly applications, but for basic keyboard input… I just don’t see it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Uh oh, Horde in Ironforge!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Looks useless… I mean come on, a laptop is a laptop deal with it dont go buying $5000 laptops when all you want is use to do stuff on-the-go, just get a laptop that is built for what you REALLY need not want.

  10. RyanH says:

    Screw digital audio and screw dual screen laptops. I just want a touchscreen keyboard.

    Plug it in like a normal keyboard. Display keyboard+hotkeys for all my graphics apps. Also room for some pallets and menus?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would have to agree. While the OLPC kicking sugar to the curb and its suckling up to Microsoft has put me off. The new dual touch screen version reported to be due out in 2010 (I doubt it will happen now) actually makes me want one!

  12. SeppTB says:

    Looks so cool, and useful, if not for the potential pain – both mental in the form of annoyance and physical from slamming your fingers into a screen that just won’t give way like a button – I’d be all over it.

  13. tk421storm says:

    Don’t do it; don’t go back. It’s not worth it.

  14. Brother Provisional says:

    Screw WoW, this seems like it would be great for running a Digital Audio Workstation. Its like a laptop with its own Jazzmutant Lemur built in.

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