I know this Aulis harvester will never actually exist, but it's green and curvy

Once again I'm breaking my own "don't post things that don't exist" rule, but this "Aulis" logging harvester by Niko Kugler and George Heitzmann gets a pass because it is 1) fancy-pants construction equipment, and 2) awful close to being a Constructicon. Expect to see this never for infinite dollars, etc. [via Yanko]
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7 Responses to I know this Aulis harvester will never actually exist, but it's green and curvy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dean Ing designed basically this in the 70s for a book or short he wrote — I think his was called a Magnum (named after the car he designed and built).

  2. GeekMan says:

    Reminds me of a smaller version of this monstrosity:


  3. Anonymous says:

    The trees might not accept your characterization as “construction” equipment. Perhaps you meant “destroyer of worlds”.

  4. A former race mechanic says:

    Be careful, Joel. They already walk among you!



    *My earlier attempt at commenting got borked by the system and the anon comment may not make it through moderation.

  5. nexusheli says:

    The harvester arm already exists, and current tractor design isn’t far off;


    The wheel-mounted arch/feet are an interesting concept. I really don’t see it as being all that unrealistic. Granted, I think the biggest issue would be the lack of demand for this sort of vehicle here in the states. But the idea of the feet could be translated to many other tractors.

    Dad retired from and Mom still works for CNH, and they’re doing some interesting things to bring the tractor into the 21st century.

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