Speak N Spellbinder is a Rock Band guitar circuit bendy axe

Well this is a thing: AJ Gannon has combined a Speak n' Spell with a Rock Band controller, making for one very wicked-sounding alphabet screamer. [via Music Radar]
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4 Responses to Speak N Spellbinder is a Rock Band guitar circuit bendy axe

  1. Garr says:

    It’s called a “strum bar”, duh ;)

    At first I thought “gah, sounds like some distorted microsoft text to speech wizard with distortion”, then he went “It’s got distortion” and it was still… go figure… microsoft text-to-speech. But when that thing started growling, I found it really had some sort of pontential :)

  2. cinemajay says:

    This is a neat gadget, but can it play music?

  3. thunderhammer says:

    If it still worked with the video game Rockband, now that would be awesome.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I kept expecting to hear his mom yell from the next room, “Keep it down AJ!”

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