"This is your second notice that your factory warranty is about to expire"

Reddit user Nevesis has sleuthed a lot of information about the National Auto Warranty Services, Inc aka US Fidelis, Inc, the company that has illegally robocalled millions of customers. These are the only telemarketer calls I have ever gotten on my cellphone.
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38 Responses to "This is your second notice that your factory warranty is about to expire"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep them on the phone if you can. Put the phone down or speaker phone and keep their system busy.

    I once got them into a conversation about extending the warranty on my ‘Ferrari’. The lady said they don’t usually get those and it seemed that she started to look up something. I had to cut the call. But she wasn’t able to scam some old lady while she was talking to me.

    If you are busy speaker phone and “hold on I’ve got to finish this. Just one second.

    If you got time, I need to look up the vin number for you to extend it don’t I.

    Lets see some creativity out there.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    I just got one of these calls. I pressed the appropriate button to talk to a human. He said his name was Mark and he wanted details about my car. I said, “You said your name is Mark?” He said, “My name is Freddy Krueger” and hung up on me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have gotten these calls about every 3 days for a year now. I have told them to remove me from their call list everytime which never works. I have asked to speak to their supervisor, at which point they just hang up. I have cussed them out, yelled, screamed and nothing works so my idea is this….

    Go register your phone number at the federal trade commision website. They will ask you to verify through your email so give a good email address. Then everytime they call take the number and go to this link

    it is the complaint registry for the Federal Trade Commission. Put those numbers in there and report it everytime because if they get enough complaints then they will take these A-holes down.

    You can also register you numbers on the “do not call list” through the same link.

    Bookmark the link on all you comps like I did so it will be easy and convenient to report them.

    You have to register your numbers before you can make a complaint.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My wife and a lot of our friends have the same issue. Funny thing is everyone is on sprint cell phones with fairly new numbers. Old numbers on the same account do not get these calls. Wonder if sprint messed up and leaked out a recent list of new numbers?

  5. Anonymous says:

    they have called me again and again for weeks..
    i picked up.. pushed the button to talk to them.. told them that i had already sent them a check 2 weeks before for $2,500.00 and have not gotten my paperwork back from them..i know that its you as you have the same caller id number, at which point he hung up, but as it disconnected the computer said Number removed. he then called right back”caller id blocked” i said that i wrote the address down someplace.. i checked it.. its a house in florida.. not a business address… and the salesman had me make the check out to cash… he said that i sent the check to the wrong party and will have to reissue it.. i said i checked.. it was cashed at a bank in south florida…i think that this is some kind of scam.. first you call and i can see your caller id.. now you call back and its blocked… i think i will call the pol… and he hung up… no more calls… but i bet that a bunch of head were rolling over it… somebody in the boiler room might have been working on the side for themselfs..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I get these calls 2-3 times per week. If I’m borded I sting them along for 1-15 minutes then tell them that if they don’t take me off their list I’m going to keep wating their time. Talked to the same guy 3 times and took up 45 minutes of his time, told him so and they still don’t take you off their list. WTF?

  7. hallpass says:

    I got one of these today — the second time they’ve called my cell.

    I got a robocall from K-Mart Pharmacy a couple of weeks ago. The only way I can fathom they got the number was from Sears.

    Sears had my cellphone number in connection with a broken microwave oven they were bugging me to pay for, but that’s a different story.

  8. OM says:

    …If you have Twitter, retweet out the URL for that info on these scammers. Then take the time to file the complaints yourself. While you’re at it, call your congressman and complain that the agencies filing the complaints aren’t acting fast enough, and that you demand as one of their taxpaying, voting constitutents, that these bastards be jailed. Get enough voters complaining, and these bozos will go down and go down hard.

  9. nutbastard says:

    They call my office phone every few months.

    Never trust a telemarketer! In my naive youth, I once purchased something for $20 or so from a telemarketer. they ended up charging me around $300 for all kinds of shit i didn’t order, and didn’t receive.

    4 years later, I found out there was a class action lawsuit, and I got my money back through the settlement. but fuck, 4 years.

    learn from the mistakes of others!

  10. AirPillo says:

    They called me twice, after I had put my cell # on the national do-not-call list, then I reported them to the FCC.

    No calls since. I guess they don’t like paying $5,000 to call me.

  11. BrokenRobot says:

    For those getting calls on cell phones — are you with Sprint? I get these all the time — at least daily — and I also get txt spam that Sprint says isn’t from them, even though the spammers know I’m a Sprint customer. I’m wondering if Sprint has mishandled a customer list / database some time recently…

  12. Agies says:

    I believe that these are the same fuckers that mail out deceptive little fliers about car warranties. Nearly reported them to my attorney general the last time I got one.

  13. Nonentity says:

    I’ve gotten two calls to my cell phone from them recently. I love how they start with the “second notice” bit as though you wouldn’t have remembered a first notice.

    It’s almost as good (or bad, depending on point of view) as the “don’t be alarmed, but we’re calling about your credit card account” calls. I’ve been getting several of those on my answering machine each month.

  14. nickfromdc says:

    I got a call by these guys more than once. My car warranty expired a decade ago, so I knew something was up. Reported them to the AG and left it up to them.

  15. Miss Cellania says:

    Strange, I just heard about this today. My boyfriend has gotten calls all day, as if he’s going to get a warranty on an ’86 pickup. But they don’t have MY number, even though we are on the same account.

  16. Kringle says:

    i get these calls on my cell phone from different numbers maybe once a week… and i dont own a car.

    the do not call list has not worked for me. is there any other way to get rid of the calls?

  17. liquide says:

    The first time they called me, I asked how they knew my warranty was about to expire when they didn’t know what my car was. The guy called me an idiot and hung up on me.

    The second time they called me I immediately said please take me off your list, I’ve already asked you to stop calling me. They haven’t called back!

    And yes, you have to pretend like you’re interested to get past the robot and talk to an uninterested human.

  18. malex says:

    The robodialer is almost certainly using random digits. They’ve even called the emergency phone in my office elevator.

  19. Stefan Jones says:

    I keep finding these calls on my answering machine. Never live.

    Rob Cockerham has an investigation going:


  20. Anonymous says:

    I get two or three a week, sometimes two or three a day, on my cell phone. Called the local cops, was informed they get them too!

    Just for fun, I reported a series of these calls to the FCC. Got a reply, by postal mail no less, ten days or so later, saying they determined it was not a violation of any rule. As someone else said, WTF?

    I’m given to understand that the numbers from which these calls apparently originate are usually spoofed, so not much point calling back.

  21. Scuba SM says:

    A guy I work with told them that he had 3 semi trucks and a 93 Chevy he wanted to extend the warranties on. They hung up on him, but I can’t imagine why.

  22. spackle says:

    After posting my experiences, one of the companies started calling me, threatening to post MY personal information!

  23. Freddie Freelance says:

    I’ve been called by these guys 5 times on my cell phone, which is a business phone *and* on the Do Not Call registry.

    I’ve asked to please be taken off their list, and when that didn’t work I’ve asked to speak to their manager; all I’ve gotten is hung up on.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have heard that putting your number on the do not call list actually works.

    I just added mine after thinking about my last call with these people.

  25. ranomatic says:

    Funny. They just called me. I make it a point if I have time to try and talk to a person at these weasel factories. That way I cost them money when they call.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I got the call just five minutes ago and i told them to update the message to 10th or 20th notice. Then they hung up on me.

  27. Anonymous says:

    You are all invited to join my new facebook group, “US Fidelis – Stop Calling Me!”. Maybe if we get a few thousand members, they will take notice of our complaints.

  28. Anonymous says:

    They’ve been harassing me too. I don’t know WHY the gubermint can’t stop them.

    When I have time, I play along until I’m talking to a real person, then start pleading with him/her to leave the scam and stop hurting other people. At which point the person hangs up.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I am on my state and the federal do-not-call list yet I get these calls every few months.

    I have not owned a car in over 15 years.

    These people should be sentenced to never being able to use telephone, email, or any other form of distance communication other than USPS.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The cruelist part: “This is your LAST chance to renew your auto warranty.” If only that were true.

  31. Anonymous says:

    For some reason they are not interested in offering a warranty for a 1981 Delorean. When they said it was too old I had to point out that it was equipped with a Mr. Fusion and could travel through time so it was essentially the same vehicle.

    I had them going for about 10 minutes.

    They are scum!

  32. Lance says:

    I’ve been getting these once a week/10 days or so for months. I hardly use the phone, so easy to spot an unknown caller. For a while they were coming from a 610 area code but yesterday got one from 215 area code.

  33. Lance says:

    I’ve been getting these once a week/10 days or so for months. I hardly use the phone, so easy to spot an unknown caller. For a while they were coming from a 610 area code but yesterday got one from 215 area code.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Call them back at the number they give you. When the recording begins, press 9. You will hear a “Thank You” and that is all, as I remember-it was a few months back. But I have not received any calls from them since.

  35. KitWorks says:

    Wow, I didn’t know this happened to other people!

    The funny thing is, the first five times they called me, it was the “last chance”, and now it is the “second call”. They are apparently moving backwards through time. Cool.

  36. Chrs says:

    I have a long history with these calls. I started getting them about two years ago, and since it has gone in fits and starts, from zero to two or three a week.

    Really, really annoying.

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