Mannequin lamps will hang out with you in your living room

I love these new mannequin-lamps by product designer Daniel Loves Objects!--they're made of gold-plated cast metal, come in two sizes, and are bendable and adjustable so you can have them sit in various positions in your living room. You can't buy them yet, but the Singaporean designer hopes they'll hit consumer space soon. [via Cool Hunting]

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6 Responses to Mannequin lamps will hang out with you in your living room

  1. V says:

    “Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian. “

  2. technogeek says:

    I’m not going to try to predict how many of these wind up in suggestive poses.

  3. The Morgan says:

    Seem to be missing power cords, so unless these are battery powered (which seems unlikely) the effect will be diminished somewhat by reality.

  4. Astin says:

    @Technogeek – you mean like ALL the ones in the picture?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why am I getting flashes of “Silent Hill?”

  6. Downpressor says:

    These seem to have already been arranged in fuckin style.

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