Morning tech deals highlights

iMac – 20-inch 2.4GHz iMac for $970, shipped from Newegg. Probably want a little more RAM in there (it just has a gig), but would be a fine mother-in-law machine. [Dealhack] ⌦ Nintendo DS GameMaster of Illusion, a DS game that teaches card tricks (and comes with its own deck of cards), is just $6, shipped, from The reviews were middling on Metacritic, but user ratings were 8/10. [Dealoco] ⌦ Filtered Water – PUR two-stage water dispenser for $20, shipped. (Normally $40.) [Bargainist] ⌦ Pen Camcorder – A strange little camcorder inside a pen for corporate espionage or infiltrating your local poetry club. $43, shipped. [Dealnews] ⌦ LEGO Corkscrew – Amazon is selling the LEGO Corkscrew and Bottle Opener set for $6.50, about half off. If you pad your order over $25 (or have Prime) shipping is free. [Amazon]
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4 Responses to Morning tech deals highlights

  1. hohum says:

    @3, bummer?! You get to use LEGOs to open your booze!!!

  2. TJ S says:

    I can’t say enough good things about filtering water pitchers (mine is a Britta).

    I’ve had mine for a couple of years now, and it’s saved me innumerable money, backache, and wasted plastic over bottled water.

    Beats the tap, too. Great tasting water that’s icy cold? Yes please!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That LEGO bar set is awesome! Bought!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bummer, it’s an actual corkscrew. I was hoping the screw itself was made out of Lego. Or maybe I just need more coffee this morning…

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