Style frames from The Road

"Style Frames" are sort of like very rough concept art for movies, meant to evoke a feeling instead of being used a direct reference for set building and the like. Or at least that's what I've inferred from Hugh Marchant's set of images he created for the movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road, which he's graciously post on Flickr. The Road was filmed near Pittsburgh, home of our own Beschizza, who informed me that there is an abandoned turnpike around there that would be perfect for a post-apoc-themed reader meet-up in the future. I'll bring the meathooks, you bring your own human flesh.
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4 Responses to Style frames from The Road

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh man I might have to drag my wife to those abandoned turnpike sites.

    I was looking for more interesting Pa. stuff to go see for our anniversary vacation.

  2. Hugh Marchant says:

    Hi, I have been asked by the studio to remove the slideshow of my work from my flickr account and I was legally required to do so.

    I can only ask if you would please do the same – sorry.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems as if they’re using that selfsame highway as a shooting location.

  4. artbot says:

    I love:

    Apocalyptic stories
    Stories about (defacto) parent/son relationships
    Road stories
    Sci-fi stories
    High-minded, slightly pretentious stories

    I despised this book and never felt so insulted or that I had wasted so much time reading any book, ever! What a piece of garbage.

    In case you can’t tell, I will not be seeing the movie.

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