This is the type of fruitless anonymous comment I will now be binning

"Yay I just thought "I wish I could spend my moning watching ads" and boing boing has delivered! Now if only I could find a blog which is all ads all the time. ...seriously boing boing, why are we posting ads? Are they a 'wonderful thing'? Hell, you don't even have any editorial copy to go along with the ads in this post. Weak." – Anonymous First of all: Ha ha. Get bent. Second of all: I'm all about letting the idiots have their say in the comments, but from here on out if you want to being snide or criticize, you're going to have to register. I don't see why I have to put up with drive-by douchesniping on my site when someone doesn't even care enough to put their name on their comment.
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53 Responses to This is the type of fruitless anonymous comment I will now be binning

  1. Anonymous says:

    The mac ads are good for non-Americans, in Britain we have “Mitchell and Webb” doing them. Again Webb looks better but Mitchell is funnier. He also has far more telly exposure. Odd that Apple keep making the one I like more the “bad option”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I did register, and you decided to obfuscate my comments on unreasonable terms. so I spat my dummy and am now an anonymous if the mood takes me. I know my posts are moderated before being published and that suits me fine. I do think that there is a certain tendency for registered folk to be “yes men/wimmin”
    and the occasional anonymous in the right place can keep things a little more grounded.
    filthy sheeples are we all.

  3. Garr says:

    Funny thing is, I don’t see how registering opens up my identity any further than just posting as anonymous. It’s just a random nick with (a possibly temporary) email address.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am neither cowardly, little, or a dweeb and I offer much more than negative comments. I just don’t like taking the time to register on multiple websites if I don’t have to. My anonymous posting comes more from a place of laziness than douchiness.

  5. Downpressor says:

    Folks I’m here to say that on this side of the fence, disagreeing with the editors is allowed.


    Registering creates a ‘paper trail’ of your comments. Your comment history provides your credibility as a reliable person or evidence that you’re a troll. When registration is an option, Anons are pretty much all trolls and are not taken seriously.


    @28: Again with the logical fallacy that balance requires contrary statements.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Could you please consider enabling commenting with an OpenID? Occasional commenting on several different blogs is one thing, registering on all of them and keeping track of all the ids and passwords is a whole different headache.


    Correction: I meant to say that the trolls are primarily anonymous, not that the anonymous are mostly trolls.

  10. Anonymous says:

    @31 rossindetroit

    don’t get all straw man on me now, anonymity frees me from any social concerns, I do not have a reputation to maintain and therefore may speak my mind.
    This may or may not be in accord with the overall mutant community. That depends on what is being discussed, if there is any consensus at all, and my independent musings.

    There is no value in being contrary for its own sake

  11. Mindpowered says:

    The only risk is when “Mindpowered” becomes associated with a real person. On close knit sites where people are geographically clustered, and know each other there is a measurable impact to being anonymous vs known.

    But Here? I live in a city of well over 2 million and have yet to meet anyone who posts on Boing Boing, much less the gadgets corner. Moreover the topics here are so impersonal even though we do get heated in our obloquy there is little chance of real damage.

    Having a handle is small price to pay for the right to rub my faeces all over Joel’s mashed potatoes.

    * Or anyone else’s.

    ** Except Brownlee’s, the English find the oddest stuff kinky.

    *** Come to think of it so do the Japanese, so Katayama’s out as well.

    **** I suppose that really leaves Joel and Rob to take the brunt of it. Sorry Guys.

  12. Mindpowered says:

    Ah yes, the famous Boing Boing Gadget commenter reputation/status.

    All those that have gotten any material benefit from comment reputation raise your hand. Or raise your hand if you have cogently raised a legitimate concern and been batted down when you have broken your anonymity.

    To argue that anonymity preserves some freedom of speech, in contrast to having a handle (which automatically makes you part of a group social conscience) is ridiculous.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Or raise your hand if you have cogently raised a legitimate concern and been batted down when you have broken your anonymity.”

    yeah that would be me.

    “which automatically makes you part of a group social conscience”

    it’s not the handle but the history “which is automatic”. and is restrictive in that you are more likely to follow a majority opinion to avoid conflict within the group , or out of loyalty to the group. Or even from fear of being rejected by the group.

    the Anonymous option trades one restriction for freedom from others. A freedom valuable to the discussions here

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oi! As the GimpWii, (maybe I’ll start signing my posts accordingly, if I remember) I appreciate the ability to contribute. So thanks Joel for taking the minimally restrictive route.

    As for snark, I think the nastiest thing I ever said was when Rob had posted a bunch of “twitterposts” that I didn’t think I could comment on. Rob was diplomatic and corrected me, life goes on.

    I read the Boings because this is the best of the Internet, full of intelligence, wisdom, and giggles. Sounds to me like Joel will even respond to constructive criticism, though he doesn’t have to.

    And to the commenter that prompted this, I reiterate: SKIP THE POSTS THAT DON’T INTEREST YOU! Fer Chrissake, I’m bedridden with no life and I can barely keep up with this blog!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Also, gadget blogs are about minimally-usable stuff you buy, (you know, gadgets) so they kinda are more ad-like than other blogs by nature, though this one less so than most. See tag: ISN’TTHISAGADGETBLOG?

    – GimpWii

  16. Anonymous says:

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  17. Paul Coleman says:

    Ha! Drive by douchesniping. You’ve brought so many great terms into my life. This one is up there with disemvowelling.

  18. pork musket says:

    What does this have to do with gadgets?

    Sorry, I’ll find the door myself thanks

  19. timmaah says:

    You must not be happy its Monday morning??

    I’ll give you the other side of that commenters argument. I’m not sure if the “Deal of the morning” posts are paid or not, but they are the only ads I look at on boing boing and they other type sites that have them. They are quick, unobtrusive and give me instant details on something I may be interested in. It also gives a decent baseline on what things are selling for these days.

  20. strider_mt2k says:

    #3 me too
    I’ve purchased a few things from the deals lists myself.

  21. cmuwriter says:

    Trolling sucks, but if you respond to it more people are just going to do it.

  22. TJ S says:

    Douchesniping has just been added to my computer’s dictionary. I am also planning find at least one use for it in conversation today.

    Also: Go get ‘em, Joel.

  23. Joel Johnson says:

    The daily deals post are not ads. If I find something myself (not through another deals index site) then I often put my Amazon affiliate code on it, but the whole thing is just supposed to be a useful editorial service.

  24. smellison says:

    I don’t understand why anonymous commenting is even an option. If you’ve got an opinion that you want the world to hear(read), have the courage to show your face, so to speak.

  25. sworm says:

    Douche sniping? I like the sound of that.

    Much better than dick kicking

  26. ZoopyFunk says:


  27. douchesniper says:

    I accept your challenge.

  28. Marcel says:

    Enter Advertising Anonymous Inc.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m quite happy to put my name on my comments, but I’m not happy about registering for yet another username and password combo.

    Try implementing OpenID for comments you’ll get at least one fewer anonymous commenters.

    (And no, I’m not the douchesniper.)

  30. dculberson says:

    I also like the morning deals and have bought a few things from them… ie, Arrested Development!! Yay!

  31. Joel Johnson says:

    Don’t give me that “I’m being repressed” shtick. I’m not saying you can’t disagree in your comforting anonymity; I’m just saying if you’re going to be a dick while doing so, you’re going to have to register for an account.

    Besides, if you can’t express your opinion with a registered nickname without feeling swayed by the demon groupthink, you’ve got pretty milquetoast rhetorical talent. Being disagreed with in public by someone who writes for the site is hardly repression, but it may feel that way when the best you can do when someone disagrees with you is cry foul.

    “I demand you let me shit in your mashed potatoes in complete privacy. Every time I take off this mask and shit in your mashed potatoes I am subjected to overwhelming groupthink!”

  32. Anonymous says:

    I like collaborating with reCaptcha.
    I don’t care enough to register, but I share my mind every once in a while.
    And yeah, I’m a 4chan anonymous (no relation with /b/, please), and I’m just used to comment without hassle. Doesn’t make me a troll.

    Hoping this gets through.

  33. colonel gentleman says:

    Umm… my name is Colonel Gentleman here, which is not my actual real-life name. I think that keeps me anonymous enough.

    Why should you have to register to comment? Because them’s the rules that have been made by the site owners. You aren’t god damned freedom fighters, you are internet commenters on a gadget blog.

  34. mmbb says:

    crys s gng t b pssd whn h s tht y clld bngbng “r st.

  35. kleer001 says:

    Personally I like all the adds on BB. Retail therapy is real and it works, no joke.


    Accepting applications for a part time Comments Binner? I work cheap when I love the job.

  37. remmelt says:

    #1: my favourite remains: “Instantiate the Unfuckatron”

  38. Anonymous says:

    What ads? Isn’t everyone totally desensitized to that crap yet?

  39. ballabarista says:

    That comment was hardly scathing, everyone who who has even the most basic understanding of how the internet works knows that ads allow sites to stay up and stay free. not to mention anyone with firefox can use ad-blocking plugins to avoid them anyway.

    so, don’t get your panties in a bunch. and i mean that in the most encouraging possible way.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Oh, I don’t mind people complaining about real ads. But this guy in particular was bitching because Rob embedded that latest Apple ads so people could watch them if they wanted. If you see an ad in the editorial column it’s because we think it’s interesting, not because we got paid to put it there.

      Unless it’s a Cheetos ad. (JUST KIDDING! Any underwritten content like that Cheetos stuff will always have a big fat disclaimer on it.)

  40. Anonymous says:

    who said anything about repression, this is your corner of the interbutts and if I don’t like I can go elsewhere.

    right … so I’m still here, congratulations you must be doing something right.

    as for groupthink .. go look again at your comments for the apple ads. there is a fairly clear pattern here, of inital reaction, more comments supporting the initial reaction. and even escalation in the emotional weight of the language used.
    A point is reached quite quickly where is is unlikely someone with a differing opinion will even bother to comment because they think they hold an unpopular position / what they say will fall on deaf ears

    the first three posts seem to set the mood in any given thread, there is your groupthink.

    an anonymous option can go some small way to counteracting the polarisation of seen opinion in these situations. It is a natural phenomenon so it shouldn’t surprise you to find it here too.

    wouldn’t it be nice if ego could be removed from the discussion. Then you wouldn’t have been so miffed by the troll

  41. Anonymous says:

    Douches are douches. It’s your site, delete what you like. But I have to say slashdot handles moderation better because the users moderate what does and doesn’t deserve to be read. So does digg (although you do have to register).

    Why is this better?

    From a theoretical “freedom of speech” point of view it’s sort of nice if moderation is optional and a consensus. From a practical point of view I’m absolutely positive it’s way better because neither seems to have nearly as many threads degenerate into arguments about moderation.

    – Anonymous Coward

  42. Anonymous says:

    I periodically like to comment, and would hate to have to register. Why should I need to register to write something?

    • Joel Johnson says:

      “I periodically like to comment, and would hate to have to register. Why should I need to register to write something?”

      Look, a passive aggressive anonymous comment that tries to rules-lawyer the point while embodying the exact tone that anonymous commenters have not earned the right to espouse.

      Or to answer: You don’t have to register to comment. But if you don’t register and choose just to say something snide, I’ll probably just delete it, because I hate your right to free speech when it’s cowardly done on my lawn. It’s like answering the door, having a ninja punch you in the dick, then another ninja behind him complains when you ask them to take off the masks.

      Well, not exactly like that.


    The only ads that I hate – and I mean REALLY HATE, not just dislike – are the animated ones that jump, dance, wave, jiggle, bounce, flutter or otherwise try to distract me with motion. For some reason I find them instantly maddening and I’ll do anything to shut them off. Thankfully, this rarely happens on BB but when it does I’ll use AdBlock, shut off Java, paste a sticky note over them, re-size the screen or whatever’s necessary to get the irritant out of my field of view.

  44. devophill says:

    I’ve always felt that all complaints of insufficient wonderfulness should take a flying leap. Binning the anonymous ones is a policy I can get behind.

  45. Jake0748 says:

    Well, its cool with me that you posted the Mac ads. I don’t watch that much tv, so its good to get to see what’s out there once in a while. (Although I do agree that those ads are getting mighty stale).

    Anonymous commenters with snide remarks ARE very annoying. By all means, delete away.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Oh, that we can agree on. When you post anonymous you get a notice, that your post is subject to your criteria and will be taken down if deemed necessary.
    It comes with the freedom of anonymous posting.

    Just leave the option open, and drop the hammer on those that infringe.

  47. popvoid says:

    It is true across all blogs that the anonymous poster is nearly always some cowardly little dweeb with nothing to offer other than negative comments. As for ads, if it really bothers you, get Firefox and install Adblock Plus. Problem solved.

  48. TJ S says:

    Out of curiosity, what are you drinking this morning, Joel?

    Some kind of super-mix of caffeine and snark? Whatever it is, write down the mixture for future use.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I feel much safer as “Anonymous” than as “Mindpowered” or “Jake0748″ for instance. Another website I post on I had a handle and an icon and I noticed I got slammed a lot just for giving an opinion. Once I went back to “Anonymous” it stopped. Go figure. Sure, I could register as “JimmyJack” or “Sleestak” but then I would lose my anonymity and be the object of attacks.

    I do wish I could register as “Anonymous”, though.

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