Photo: Pimobile

Congratulations to Reddit user Alexem, whose 2001 Volkswagen Jetta just rolled over in the most elegant way.
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8 Responses to Photo: Pimobile

  1. tuckels says:

    Should’ve taken one at 271828.

  2. nutbastard says:


    yeah i do about 100 miles a day. it’s a bitch. i hate it. been doing it for 6 years. i go through cars like kleenex.

  3. technogeek says:

    Nice, though I do wish the trip odo read 265…

  4. stupidnickname says:

    So, that’s 314,159 kilometers in eight years, which in ‘merikan is 195,209 miles; or, a little over 24,401 per year. Thinking of the work week as 5 days in 51 weeks or 255 days, that’s just under 100 miles of driving every work day; probably a minimum of two hours in the car? And this is probably on the low side of many commutes . . .

    Good god, I am so pleased/smug I live 2 miles from work and ride my bike. My car’s 12 years old and it has less than 40,000 on it, total.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. General Specific says:

    I love nerds.

  7. Nike shoes says:

    Looks like it’s a standard Jetta by the way lol, had one of those in 1998, was great.

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