Sharp Mebius NJ70 netbook replaces touchpad with touchscreen

While its guts are the same old netbook standard, Sharp's new Mebius NJ70A (named after an ancient Shinto calculus demon) puts a slick little 4-inch LCD touchscreen in place of the typically chintzy touchpad. Amusingly, the little touchscreen, which can accept both touch and pen input, has a resolution of 854 by 480 pixels—nearly the same as the screens of most netbooks. If I sound dismissive, it's only because I'm sure the price will be prohibitive. Nonetheless, good on Sharp for doing something potentially useful to spruce up an otherwise drab netbook scene.
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2 Responses to Sharp Mebius NJ70 netbook replaces touchpad with touchscreen

  1. Anonymous says:

    any drivers in the linux kernel that currently support this type of touchscreen interface?

  2. Toplus says:

    Funny that the product is all Japanese but the sound track is Korean…

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