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Recently on Offworld, the biggest story was, of course, the site's new Concept Album feature, which kicked off with full-resolution concept art of EA's excellent DS puzzle/platformer Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure featuring worlds, enemies, and bosses that never made it into the game, including, best of all, Evil Benjamin Franklin. We also saw the first images of the latest game in Q-games PS3 downloadable art game series PixelJunk, and an early look at two very non-traditional games coming to Xbox Live Arcade from Final Fantasy creators Square Enix, including cubist arena-shooter Project: Cube and apparently google-maps enhanced shooter 0 day Attack on Earth. Elsewhere we saw what it will mean to have Fallout 3's ending essentially undone with its latest DLC pack, saw Stephen Fry return for more work on LittleBigPlanet, and saw the world of Rock Band officially collide with the world of Lego, and were relieved to hear that Sony Japan's excellent looking Tetris-meets-trash-compacting game Gomibako was headed to the U.S. Finally we saw Left 4 Dead T-shirts only Francis could hate, coveted the first NES in a purse, and, curiously, played classic Sierra adventure games in our web browsers where each area is given a unique URL and features newly added passive multiplayer aspects.

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