Amazon deletes reviews that expose other reviews as paid-for

If you claim, in a review at Amazon, that its third-party sellers attempted to bribe you to get a good write-up, what will happen? Amazon will delete your review, of course! [Consumerist]

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3 Responses to Amazon deletes reviews that expose other reviews as paid-for

  1. Rob Beschizza says:

    The policy, whatever its intent, has the systematic effect of removing honest reviews in favor of dishonest ones, for those products where it’s likely that the seller will try and bribe customers. It’s only natural that honest reviewers would disclose this in their reviews, after all!

  2. vamidus says:

    @ #1 VAMIDUS, Stop attempting to bribe me into leaving a nice comment, I will not do such a thing!

  3. Spencer Cross says:

    It’s true; if you review the _seller_ in a review of the _product_ then Amazon will likely delete your review.

    The comment thread for that Consumerist post is well worth a read because, as usual, the problem isn’t nearly as clear cut as the BB Gadgets headline implies.

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