Electronic Mogwai

It features "motion and singing," and you can feed it after midnight. $23 from ThinkGeek. Singing Gizmo Gremlins Plush [ThinkGeek]

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12 Responses to Electronic Mogwai

  1. Doctor Popular says:

    Whatever you do, do not get it wet.

  2. A New Challenger says:

    And the best part about the Gizmo Furby was it could communicate with Reply

  3. KurtMac says:

    #8 CHALLENGER: Hey, I also have the interactive Yoda Furby in the basement too. Together, we can realize your dream!

  4. superrobot says:

    I love the look of digust by the guy at :30ish.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What, they didn’t want to pay Jerry Goldsmith the rights to have him hum the actual Gizmo theme?

    Captcha phrase: Dance topping!

  6. A New Challenger says:

    @Kurtmac: Oh hot damn! I’m going to favorite this thread, and if you could post a link to video if/when you do this I would be most pleased. Have you ever set them up before?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d prefer an animatronic Phoebe Cates.

  8. grimc says:

    It’s an annoyatron you can punch!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am disturbed.

  10. KurtMac says:

    @Challenger: I don’t remember, but I’d have been crazy not to have tried it. I’ve got to get back to my dad’s house where they are, dust them off and make some history. Perhaps I can make the Gizmo furby hold the lightsaber, and Yoda furby will teach him how to use it. Then we will all be doomed.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. KurtMac says:

    @#2: Actually, the Gizmo Furby already existed in the late 90s. http://www.mimitchi.com/html/fgizmo.htm

    I have one in the basement somewhere, and at its core it was a Furby, and interacted with other Furbies, but had all the Mogwai sounds and whatnot. Apparently a hard-to-find collectors item now, so it may be time for me dust mine off and hit up eBay.

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