OQO: Model 2+ production "unlikely"

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Rumors that OQO canceled pre-orders for its Model 2+ ultramobile PC are untrue, according to the company. Instead, online vendor Build Your UMPC did so after OQO could not commit to a shipping date. "While we haven't canceled the orders, it is unlikely that we will be able to produce additional model 2+ units," said OQO senior vice president Bob Rosin. "So it did not seem worth trying to police that story, as it is accurate in a long-term sense." A highlight at January's Consumer Electronics Show in January, the updated model was planned for summer release. Upgrades included an ultra-bright OLED display, Intel's popular Atom CPU, and up to 2GB of memory -- and a cheaper price tag. At $1,000 and up, however, the pocket-size portable faces a weak market dominated by ultra-cheap netbooks. The original OQO was announced in 2000, but did not appear until 2004. It was followed by the award-winning Model 02, introduced by Bill Gates at the 2007 CES in Las Vegas. Rosin indicated that support services were presently unavailable, but would resume: "It is saddening that we are not able to provide repair and support services however there will be a solution to that available soon."

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22 Responses to OQO: Model 2+ production "unlikely"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Apple should buy OQO and make the ultimate pocketable Mac!

  2. Angel says:

    Cracked! The company hit BANKRUPCY. Said anything…OQO doesn’ exist anymore, died! BORN: Viliv X70 at reasonable price! WIth GPS onboard Sirf Star 111 With 3G SIMM card slot at the back of the battery. Because 64 or also 128 Gb SSD inside, and FANLESS. So 2 things GOOD! happens: 0 NOISE and LESS battery drain, for this: Charge of the battery last 6 hours continuous video! It has also: Computer to computer exchanges very fast and easy with any normal USB cable, without any special USB cable! Also, have a microphone, and 2 very powerfull speakers. For so, you can skype in the restaurant or in the bus. More, it come with a real strong and butyfull car kit for this GPS. Also it has Windows XP home desk on in 8 seconds! Also, have a second browser, Linux you chose to power on XP or Linux! Also, it has 7 inches touch screen! Plus it has a slot on the side for SSD or SSHD of 32 Gb, so it raise the storage capacity! Also…i get mine coming home, i invited it! It’s LESS somthing than OQO…the price is LESS expensive and more butyfull and same weight for a 7 inches screen! It Silverhorne 1,33 inside. So, do as same: Buy it…they sells hundreds daily!!!

  3. Randy says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey #18, finally a voice of reason amid a sea of stupidity on this thread! What kind of idiot would think it makes sense to have a touch keyboard on a device that is designed to be operated as a handheld??? Can you imagine a handheld device that you had to set on a surface every time you wanted to type with it? Can you imagine trying to steady such a tiny device in your lap and hunching over to get your face close to it? I like your example of the portable game machine. Have you ever seen anyone try to operate something like that from their lap or by setting it down on a table? LOL. Obviously the touch keyboard argument is ludicrous. The OQO is a handheld device, people. Some of its competitors don’t even HAVE a keyboard! Not to mention, 10’s if not 100’s of millions of blackberry users will tell you that a thumb keyboard, if laid out properly, is perfect for a handheld device!

    Anyway, I have been eyeing the OQO for 4 or 5 years. Now, with the beefed up specs and a much more doable price of $1000, it has gotten into my sweet spot. I mean, $1000 for a handheld device running full-on Windows, with a touch screen, capability of doubling as a GPS, and which can be a legitimate desktop computer (using the docking station)?? Sounds like a dream come true! It would be a terrible shame if the OQO disappeared now.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If Apple were to buy it their OS would not solve the problems with it. What would be needed is Apple to buy it and have their engineers redo the design so that it is a longer handheld with a built in keyboard, then it would be a cool MAC in your pocket! Putting the Apple OS and name and leaving it the same size would represent a failure and I am sure Apple would not want that associated with their immage/name.

  6. rvon says:

    Too bad. I have an OQO 2 and find it to be of great value, high quality easy to use and a great design. I carry it with me every where because of its compact size. I would buy the 2+ in a heart beat.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Their proposed 2+ is just like their previous models pretty much the same so the results would be the same, just a tiny amount of sales. I would never buy one. For me any PC with just thumb keys is worthless as I would rather get an instand on smartphone for a fraction of the price.

    I would pay the high price for the OQO but only if it was longer in size and have a touch type keyboard.

  8. Mike says:

    The reason I got an OQO was as a replacement for my PDA. That’s the whole point as I saw it: a PDA that runs full windows (or any other desktop OS). All of the so called competitors just made small tablets or small laptops but nothing that fits in a pocket or on a belt clip (smallest I can find now is 8″x4.5″). In my opinion if you need a bag to carry it around you might as well have a full laptop.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “If Apple were to buy it their OS would not solve the problems with it. What would be needed is Apple to buy it and have their engineers redo the design so that it is a longer handheld with a built in keyboard, then it would be a cool MAC in your pocket! Putting the Apple OS and name and leaving it the same size would represent a failure and I am sure Apple would not want that associated with their immage/name.”

    …but I bet the spell-check would be better. What crockery. Apple has put its name on much worse crap, and you can’t argue the price point. It’s right up there with even the most sub-par mac out there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    OQO looks like it is just about dead so I think it is unlikely you will ever see another new product for sale. They already announced that the 2+ is not going to be available.

    Sure it is portable but it is not very useful with two fingered keys. “typing without really thinking about it” I would like to know how many words per minute you can type with two fingers while not thinking or looking at where your fingers are pressing? For me only a touch type normal keyboard can I type without thinking about where my fingers are situated.

    OQO had a great idea but it was poorly designed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    He is using a fork so he doesn’t get the keys on his $1,500 computer dirty ;-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I just looked at their website and it doesn’t look like they are selling anything at all. Did they just sell out of the old model 2 and were taking orders for the model 2+?

    Forks with a muffin… That’s just wrong.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Since I will never be leaving another comment on this blog, I am not going to sign in. However, this comment is (hopefully) a serious addition to the discussion.
    The OQO 2+ WOULD have been my dream machine too, if it only were really available.

    Why? Many years ago, I owned a HP Jornada 740 (which is what the OQO 2+ looks like) and THAT was my dream machine (fit in my extra wide shirt pocket and had a wireless card and did everything that I needed with a bright half-page color display). The keyboard, although tiny, was fantastic and bore all the hallmarks of the (then) vaunted HP engineering. The only problem was that it ran Windows CE.
    This machine Model 2+ runs a main street (stream?) OS and I suspect you could also load UBUNTU on it–per one of the comments posted above, UBUNTU worked on a model 02.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just purchased my first OQO, the model 2 and find it to be a great tool because of it’s portability. The keyboard is very easy to use as well as the track ball and mouse buttons. If I need a full size keyboard, mouse and monitor, I know it can support them. When the 2+ goes into production as I believe it will, I will certainly get one

  15. soldit says:

    “a solution to that available soon” ? maybe he is talking about having customers sell their OQO on ebay?

    I was always intrigued about OQO as I have always dreamed of having my laptop in my pocket. I still remember when it first came out as all of the marketing hype sounded like someone created my dream PC. Yet when I saw the first OQO my smile turned to saddness.

    I could not believe my eyes that they actually thought for a minute that people would even consider a full PC that is based on thumb keys? That has to be a computer nerds bright idea? Everyone uses laptops and desktops with a keyboard so why would anyone think otherwise?

    Then I hoped that the next model would be a keyboard pocket PC. I was sure that they would see the light as their sales were very weak and many people disliked the lack of a keyboard. Next vesion looked no different at all.

    After about 5 years I pretty much gave up as OQO really seems to be out of touch with reality. Now it looks like the inevitable has occured and they will be gone. Too bad as they had so much potential if they only made a keyboard version.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Engineers are socially out of touch with most people so it is no wonder that a company led by engineers is out of business. I agree that the biggest and most idiotic design problem is no keyboard! What kind of moron would design a full PC computer with thumb keys? Nobody uses full windows with their thumbs so why would we ever want to?

    That obvious problem which was evident at the first year sales was not ever acknowledged or addressed for the next what 6-7 years? that is totally stupid. If you stick your head in the sand you are not going to change your fate. People do not want a full PC with thumb keys.

    The simplest fix would have been to copy the designs of the handhelds of the 1990’s which proved that millions would buy that type of device. If OQO did that they would be very profitable and not hoping for a miracle to save them from their own mistakes.

  17. Anonymous says:

    No way Mac is buying OQO. Founders of OQO are all ex-apple engineers who left the company in 2000 because they didn’t feel they had enough creative freedom. OQO vs. Apple 2009- which company was truly more creative? Which was self sustaining?

    OQO Founders created bad blood by thinking they were smarter than Apple. Not a big deal- however it was the “we’re smarter than the market” mentality that ultimately doomed this company. Never let a bunch of snobby engineers try to run a company… they have no business sense.

  18. Anonymous says:

    if you want a keyboard that you type with your fingers buy a netbook, besides how are you supposed to hold the unit in your hands? you have to choose between using both hands, or having larger keys … trust me it’s a hassle trying to type everything with one hand while holding the thing with the other, I do it with my netbook all the time … it’s just easier for a handheld device to be used with the thumbs … if you think about it, it only makes perfect sense … you don’t see people using their fingers when hitting the front buttons on game controller, do you? that would be pretty hilarious IMHO

  19. Anonymous says:

    It has a keyboard last time I checked mine. I guess what you’re trying to say is that you wish it was wider. The last time I checked my pants, the OQO fit nicely, but if it was any wider, it probaby wouldn’t fit. Maybe there’s an inch of play there.. but I suspect that wouldn’t really have much impact on your opinion.

    Buy a VAIO P and STFU primaz.

  20. katsujinken says:

    I wanna know what kind of pretentuous yuppie eats a muffin with a fork

  21. Rob Beschizza says:

    NOT ME!

  22. Rob Beschizza says:

    Also, I suspect some of you are making guesses about the OQO’s shortcomings. Its thumb keys, for example, are so well laid-out that you’ll find yourself typing competently without really thinking about it–it’s a markedly easier to use board than the UX’s, for example. The difference is immediate should you ever get a chance to compare them.

    Which you probably won’t, now, of course.

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