Zebrawood iPhone 3G case

At $85, it's not exactly a recession special, but Substrata's zebrawood iPhone 3G case is among the prettiest. Here's the pitch:
It is designed to add a natural aesthetic to your iPhone 3G, while protecting it from scratches when it is in your pocket, purse or bag. The contours are shaped and sanded to compliment the curves of the iPhone and the interior is sized to hold it snugly. This one of a kind case would make a wonderful gift for the iPhone user.
Wood iPhone Case - Custom handmade box for iPhone 3G [Etsy via 7Gadgets via Oh Gizmo]

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5 Responses to Zebrawood iPhone 3G case

  1. infinity says:

    if anyone’s interested, i’ll probably be making stuff like this for my old android g1 at the end of the summer ( i figure by that time i’m going to be wanting the g2.) i was going to only make one for myself, and then maybe post an instructable, but i’ll probably make a few extras. drop me a line if you’re interested.

  2. mchan888 says:

    holy cow.. that cost is almost 30% of the iphone price.. it is just a damn piece of wood.. inspiretech got one for like 10 bucks that looks so much better.. http://www.inspiretech.com/p-381-iphone-3g-slim-fit-case-blue.aspx

  3. peterbruells says:

    It’s nothing I need or want – I stuff my iPhone into my pocket and the biggest care I give it is trying to avoid the pockets with the keys or the knife, butt that’s it.

    But why, oh why, does stuff that’s plain cost so much? I was looking for a simple DIIN A5 – capable small bag I can wear on the bike. I had a choice between 20€ stuff that looked like made for junior high pupils or 180€ BOSS stuff. And even those had non-functional parts. What gives?

  4. remmelt says:

    Perhaps we can get a Nigerian scammer to carve one out for us. Cheap!

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