PSE TAC-15, Tactical Assault Crossbow

Avatar Tonic writes:
TAC-15 'Tactical Assault Crossbow', the sort of crossbow designed for when aliens invade from another dimension. It actually replaces the upper receiver from an AR-15 so you can swap between assault rifle and crossbow with a little tinkering. The payoff is at the end when they sell you that it comes with a picatinny rail system. For, you know, when you need a grenade launcher on your crossbow.
Or as one of the commenters on the YouTube thread said, "Put a bayonet on it and you have the ultimate mall ninja weapon." Available next month for $1,300.
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21 Responses to PSE TAC-15, Tactical Assault Crossbow

  1. Takuan says:

    can it launch camera-bots?

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ 15 & 16 Yes. That’s the beauty of mechanical projectiles, you just have to design your projectile to fit.

  3. muteboy says:

    I love the way the word “tactical” means war stuff.
    Tactical trousers.

  4. The Lizardman says:

    The only thing wrong with this is that it is beyond the current level of funds in my discretionary weapons buying account

  5. shMerker says:

    The grenade launcher is a mistake. This weapon is clearly for paranormal targets. The crossbow has the vampires covered, so what you really need the rails for is a chainsaw for when you’re dealing with zombies.

  6. toxonix says:

    PSE stands for “Piece of Shit Equipment”.
    Bow hunters are bad at acronyms.

    The Pakistani SSG were equipped with crossbows up until the 70’s, when they discovered the silenced Walther PPK. Or so I’ve heard.

  7. grimc says:

    This thing better come with a grappling hook, else what’s the point?

  8. grimc says:


    If they were using silencers, how would you have heard?

  9. Tensegrity says:

    … with mind bullets!

  10. jeremynyc says:

    @#6: Chainsaw? Check. It’s just about the last thing shown in the video, and is what I came back here to post about. You can skip to the “Additional Features” video to check it out.

    Fuggin awesome. Who *doesn’t* need to attach a chainsaw to their crossbow?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Does it come in any other colors?

  12. OM says:

    …There used to be a local guy who attended the gun nut shows in Texas whose hobby and side business was converting conventional rifle stocks into crossbows like this. I even remember one show where he got into an argument with another bow hunter about whether shooting with the bow parallel to the deck was more accurate than if you held the bow perpendicular or even diagonally. The argument got so heated that about two dozen other gun nuts got involved, and all of them wound up having to leave the show and continue the “discussion” somewhere else. Never did find out whether any of them were right.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love this blog

  14. nehpetsE says:

    counting down till someone posts the lego replica…

  15. Anonymous says:

    good,i introduce this to my friends

  16. alowishus says:

    The grenade launcher is for Holy Hand Grenades, of course.

  17. Floatationman says:

    #6, about the last thing you want for zombies is a chainsaw. Do you know how hard it is to get zombie out of a good pair of trousers? Even Tactical Trousers? That is the true horror of a zombipocalypse.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “Forget everything you thought you knew about crossbows…”

    that’s pretty easy

  19. Marcel says:

    Tagged Sports and Survival.

    It’s a Tactical Assault Crossbow.

    Things survive less with this on the market.

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