Free Peek upgrades in NY

GeekyPeek writes:
For any of you in NYC, we are upgrading Peeks in Midtown at the Gallway Hooker. If you have an older version of the Peek software on your device, we are upgrading customers to the Pronto version. And if you don't yet own a Peek, feel free to run to Target and buy one of the older Peeks and we will still upgrade you to Pronto.
Peeks with the upgraded software normally retail $30 higher, so it's a good deal even with a bit of travel. Peek Upgrade Party [GeekyPeek]

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6 Responses to Free Peek upgrades in NY

  1. styrofoam says:

    I don’t mean to be disparaging the peek specifically- I’m just classifying almost ANYTHING that’s likely to show up in these pages as “a goofy and worthless gadget”. This is probably more a term of endearment than it may first appear.

    you could probably write a formula involving age, number of dependents to support, and disposable income that would spit out a probability that you’ll feel compelled to buy a particular gadget. When I was (just a few years!) younger, I was guaranteed to fall in love with (and purchase) just about anything that tickled my fancy.

    Now, I think a lot longer and harder about whether or not something is worth picking up. I’m theorizing that I’m not the only person in this situation. And it’s not just a money thing- my life has changed in such a way that instant access to email isn’t a priority anymore. After living with a blackberry and an on-call pager rotation, not having access to email is actually kind of a bonus.

    So my earlier statement could be roughly translated as, “Enjoy the novelty of these gadgets while you can. You might be a curmudgeonly old coot like me in a few years.”

  2. styrofoam says:

    While I was looking at them on the endcap, I was momentarily excited- and then I realized that I have no need to pay $30 to get email on a device, no matter how cool it is.

    I think it comes down to: “enjoy buying goofy and worthless gadgets now, because they’re fun. You’ll get old like me and these will be the first on the chopping block.”

    I was digging through some random boxes the other day looking for a cable of some sort. I pulled out a Messagepad 110 and thought, “Woah! I have one of these? Awesome! … I really need to get rid of this crap.”

  3. styrofoam says:

    The target by my place has peeks on the clearance rack for $13.00.

    It’d be a way to get into the game, if you’re looking.

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    This isn’t a goofy a worthless gadget: it’s the cheapest way to get unlimited portable email and messaging. You either want that or you don’t.

  5. Rob Beschizza says:

    However, the getting rid of kipple sentiment, I totally agree with!

  6. Joel Johnson says:

    I think I may run over to Target this evening and pick one up. Why…I don’t know.

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