A history of Star Trek porn

From Sex Trek: The Next Penetration and Deep Space Sixty Nine to SexyTrek.com, a fetish site [NSFW], the galaxy of Trek porn has continued to, uh, grow. io9 compiled a fascinating guide with vids, pics and links [again NSFW]. Some flicks do a relatively-clever job of tweaking original plot lines and character names:
The adaptation of "The Man Trap," "The Man Eater," is also pretty faithful, including the fact that she's Doctor McJoy's former fiance, and she can transform herself to look like anyone. Except instead of sucking the salt out of people, she sucks the...
Prediction: JJ Abrams' prequel will affect this genre of porn by instigating a call for better special effects and dialog.
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  1. OM says:

    …One thing to be said about the spate of Trek porn in the late 90’s: Ron “Hedgehog” Jeremy showed he has enough acting skills to easily replace the late Roger C. Carmel as one Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

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