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Recently on Offworld new guest blogger Simon Parkin kicked off his new column, which looks at new blockbuster games from an Offworld perspective, by investigating X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and what it means to base a game on "a character that lacks the crucial tool in any action game hero's arsenal: a gun." We also saw Ashley Wood -- the comic artist behind the PSP's Metal Gear Solid digital comic -- teaming up with Chess with Friends iPhone studio (and former Age of Empires/Halo Wars devs) Newtoy to create a new game based on Wood's graphic novel series World War Robot. And: Namco shows off their DIY spirit with Noby Noby Boy sushi rolls, Rockstar creates official Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars papercraft, DS favorite Henry Hatsworth unveils their latest late-night TV campaign for guaranteed Villain Enhancement, and we look straight through game consoles with X-ray spex. Finally, the day's 'one shot's: NerdDad's PlayStation controller strikes a chord with every new father, Blade Runner in Crysis, and Andy 'komadesign' Miller (the illustrator behind the upcoming Indie Rock Coloring Book [!]) shows off his fantastic work for Sony with the PSP ad above.

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